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What Is PWA?

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, create the feel and functionality of a native app without the hassle of having to download anything from the Apple Store or Google Store. Web visitors simply go to your mobile website and experience the same functions as on a desktop. No extra code is needed; it’s built right into your website.




How To Implement PWA

PWA pairs with leading backend platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento (Adobe Commerce), and it allows you to keep compliance, checkout, and payments as is.



PWAs Put State-of-the-Art Technology At Your Fingertips

PWAs provide the feeling of a native app without having to code an API or create an app for a mobile marketplace. Reach customers anywhere and at any time.



It’s proven that customer attention spans are brief, and they scan websites within a few seconds to find what they want. PWAs load faster than native apps and can even beat website loading times.



Because PWAs are built on languages already familiar to developers (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) it costs less to build and simplifies the user experience. Using a single code base allows PWAs to be developed across platforms instead of spending the time and money coding for each platform.



PWAs allow you to widen the reach of your website marketing strategy and are used as a comprehensive part of a cross-platform strategy.



PWAs automatically adjust to the size of the screen on any type of device being used by website visitors.


Offline Access 

PWAs can be used without an Internet connection, allowing users to have a full online experience while not being online.



Users can install an icon for the PWA, just like native apps, encouraging them to continue to visit your site and make additional purchases.


Increase Engagement

PWAs offer push notifications, providing customers with information about your eCommerce store so your customers stay engaged.



Because PWAs aren’t the same as native applications, they are accessed by clicking a link or entering a URL into a browser bar, providing a seamless experience for website visitors.


Endless Possibilities

It has all the functions of a native application, using a smartphone’s camera, GPS, and more. It has all the power of a web page but acts like a regular application for the user.


Adobe Commerce

(Formerly Magento)

PWA Studio on Adobe Commerce is a decoupled frontend optimized for the Adobe Commerce backend. It is equipped with modern tools that allow merchants to lower the cost of development and accelerate time-to-market. Using the additional UI tools from Adobe Commerce, designers can get a head start on creating a branded storefront for their ecommerce needs.



Shogun PWA

Shogun provides headless eCommerce with their PWA product. Using their PWA framework, it connects to both Shopify and BigCommerce websites to create beautiful web pages to match your existing branding, without the headache of custom code. Shogun PWAs connect to some of the most popular products on the market such as Gorgias, Recharge, and Klaviyo, offering a customized experience for your customers based on their shopping behaviors, search activities, and more. Unlike a native application, PWAs provide an app-like experience with no download required.



Powerful User Interface Allows For Customization

PWAs from Shogun and Adobe Commerce both offer an intuitive user interface that back-office employees can create, edit, and manage all customer data. They take less customized code than a traditional native application, allowing back-office personnel to use a system that is familiar without the need for extensive development and embedded code.


Retain Customers And Increase ROI

PWAs can optimize a website for any business. A hybrid application and website solution help increase customer retention and increase ROI. Web visitors get offline access and a native app experience without the need to download an application. PWAs stay stable and up even during high-volume website times and can manage not only the influx of new visitors but increase current customer engagement and retention.


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