Kodaris Supply Chain Platform

Kodaris serves all supply chain sectors with a cloud-based platform that can be customized for your needs today and in the future. Solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of headless commerce, native mobile and driver applications, complete PIM solution, and robust 360 CRM to fit your needs regardless of your ERP platform.


Key Features


Flexible, Secure, and robust Search Engine across the entire site designed to fit the needs of B2B or B2C.

Customer Portal

Empower your customers with an intuitive shopping experience and powerful account management tools.

Employee Portal

Elevate your business operations and enhance your sales team’s capabilities.

Customer 360 (CRM)

Our Customer 360 CRM focuses on capturing all the information and analytics you can imagine about your customers.

PIM Solution

A PIM Solution that enriches and consolidates all product data and digital assets to drive your commerce.

Payment Portal

Our Payment Portal lets your customers easily manage their accounts and make payments via CC, ACH, and more.

Proof of Delivery

View a customer's complete order history – from original ticket order to a snapshot of items delivered – is in the app for the business and customer.


About Kodaris

Founded in 2014, Kodaris’ leadership team brings decades of experience in designing, developing, and delivering complex technology solutions for customers all over the United States. With experience in ecommerce, mobility, financial services, business development, and distribution/manufacturing gives them deep insight into using technology to solve and improve business problems and processes. Kodaris’ vision is to create a secure, audited, scalable, and open B2B platform that brings multiple solutions under the same umbrella.

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