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Kensium is a full-service implementation agency providing connected cloud-based ERP and commerce solutions for the wholesale distribution industry. We are excited to share with you the top problems that a cloud-based ERP can solve for your wholesale distribution business. 



Manage distribution processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs.

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Order Management

Support critical order processes such as quoting, editing, and fulfilling orders across warehouses.



Bring products into your company with ease. Take charge of your expenses to guarantee that you have the correct products at the correct time



Utilize real time data to manage expenses along the entire supply and delivery system.

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Customer Success Stories with Acumatica Distribution Edition


Bell and Company - Successful implementations of ERP system

Bell and Company, headquartered in Mobile, AL, operates in the distribution industry and sought to replace their existing QuickBooks system with a more comprehensive solution.

Working closely with the team at Bell and Company, Kensium's experts devised an optimal Acumatica solution tailored to meet the client's unique requirements and ensure long-term success. The primary objectives of this collaboration were to achieve tight integration between sales and purchase orders, automate communication with customers for enhanced customer service, enable mobile access to increase employee productivity, and reduce accounting costs by bringing accounts payable in-house.

Bell and Company faced several challenges that necessitated a robust system. They needed a solution that could automate their financial processes, streamline communication with customers, and go beyond a simple accounting package to effectively manage their growing business.


Successful ERP Implementation - Ink

Ink, a company headquartered in Maumelle, Arkansas, partnered with Kensium's Acumatica integration experts to design an optimized Acumatica solution for their distribution, retail, and eCommerce needs. 

Through close collaboration, the teams successfully integrated Ink's vital PrintShop application, enabling a consolidated financial view and real-time business insights. Ink achieved streamlined print operations, eliminating manual double entries and enhancing customer service with improved artwork tracking and approval management. 

The implementation also provided valuable inventory visibility, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. With unlimited user licensing, Acumatica fostered seamless collaboration across departments, empowering Ink's team for greater productivity. Moreover, the adoption of Acumatica eliminated the need for on-premises hardware and reduced costs associated with security infrastructure. Ink is now well-positioned for scalable growth and  success. 

A Deeper Dive

Constructing a durable and profitable wholesale distribution business is difficult - particularly without connected and intelligent solutions to make it happen. The correct Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software connects people, processes, and technologies throughout your distribution chain to facilitate everything from finances to inventory to customer relations.

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1: Solving Inventory

With Acumatica, businesses can track inventory levels in real-time, manage multiple warehouses, and set up automated reordering to ensure they always have the right amount of stock on hand. Additionally, Acumatica provides tools for managing warehouse operations, such as receiving and putaway, picking and packing, and shipping and delivery.

One of the key benefits of Acumatica's warehouse and fulfillment capabilities is that businesses can track inventory levels across multiple locations, which is particularly important for businesses with complex supply chains. This allows businesses to optimize their inventory levels and reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

Acumatica also provides businesses with tools for managing fulfillment operations, such as order processing, order tracking, and shipping label generation. With these capabilities, businesses can manage their entire fulfillment process, from order receipt to final delivery, all within the same platform.

Purchase Orders Management screen-1

2: Purchase Order Management

Acumatica's purchase order system can help you cut costs and strengthen your relationships with vendors by automating and controlling your worldwide purchasing processes.

Acumatica's online buying system automates the procurement process from obtaining vendor quotations to paying invoices.

You can also simplify transactions between different companies by automatically creating a sales order in one company from a purchase order in another company within the same tenant.

Sales Order Management screen

3: Sales Order Management

Improve customer service by providing sales and service personnel with real-time data using order management software. Utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase sales with item substitution, up-sell, and cross-sell suggestions.

Acumatica Sales Order Management makes it easy to assign inventory to customer orders, keep track of vendor drop-shipments, handle customer returns, and customize workflow and approval procedures. You can make order scheduling simpler by using blanket sales orders and streamline transactions between two companies in the same tenant by automatically creating a sales order in one company when a purchase order is made in the other.

Acumatica Requisition Management screen-1

4: Acumatica Requisition Management

Acumatica Requisition Management software assists you in organizing your most intricate purchasing operations as you meet the requirements of external or internal customers. By combining our purchase requisition software with other Acumatica modules, you can discard paperwork while supplying your sales, service, shipping, receiving, management, and other teams with clarity into your requisition procedures.

Streamline and mechanize the vendor bidding process for stock and non-stock items. Send requests to vendors via email, gather bids electronically, and turn winning bids straight into purchase orders.


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