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About KWN

The Kensium Women’s Network (KWN) is a diversity network designed to identify opportunities to develop women leaders and promote women in business by building a community that removes barriers and shares knowledge.


Core Values

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The Kensium Women’s Network promotes acceptance, excellence, and showcase the unique skills and abilities of women in the technology space. Our goal is to increase the visibility of contributions by women and provide opportunities for women in technology. 

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We encourage excellence in all areas of technology and work to implement inclusive and diverse business models. The Kensium Women’s Network works to continually evaluate and improve business practices as professional women.

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The Kensium Women’s Network provides support and mentorship to help women’s visibility in the technology space. We look to network and share knowledge globally with our teams and partners. 

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Our goal is to create an inclusive environment and a network of women to collaborate in both support and innovation. By partnering with businesses and communities, we encourage professional relationships to support women in technology.

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We sincerely provide support and encouragement for all women by identifying and eliminating professional obstacles to rise to leadership positions. The Kensium Women’s Network showcases the innovation and strength of women in the technology space.


KWN Founders

Christina Welter


Director, PMO

“As a forever optimistic leader, I am always looking for the bright side of a challenge. Getting out of my comfort zone has always been the best path to learning and personal development. Starting KWN is just one example. I saw a need, not only for our employees but also for our clients and our partners, to be able to connect and support each other as women in technology. Our goal for KWN is that we foster connections to share experiences and provide opportunities for women in the technology."



Sharmilaa Kannan


VP, Human Resources

HR 40 under 40 leader, Asia's most innovative training & development leaders

"I have seen the highs and lows an individual can experience within their career, having a place and a purpose to sharing experiences is very important in every organization. Kensium is committed to providing positive and impactful support to their employees, clients, and partners. KWN is just one example of that commitment. Through this network we will provide opportunities for everyone to receive training, coaching, and opportunities for advancement in their careers."



Paul Prickett

Executive Sponsor


"The tremendous diversity of Kensium has always brought it incredible strength. I am especially excited to see the Kensium Women’s Network will extend out beyond just the wonderful women of Kensium, but will also include partners, clients and even other VAR’s. The inclusion of others outside of Kensium is the perfect extension of this groups power and possibilities. I have been fortunate to have worked for and been mentored by a great many exceptional women through my career. I am even more fortunate to be working with so many of them here at Kensium and am thrilled to see them leading the charge to expand, support and empower each other. We will all be richer for having the KWN."



Upcoming Events

  • July: How To Successfully Take Time Off
  • August: Forgiveness Theme (International Forgiveness Day - First Sunday in August)
  • September: Self Improvement Month
  • October: Computer Learning Month
  • November: Gratitude December – Giving back

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Christina Welter