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Create A World-Class Shopping Experience
With Adobe Commerce



Kensium helps you leverage Adobe Commerce to scale your business and maximize operational efficiency. 

Adobe Commerce helps both B2C and B2B businesses create exceptional shopping experiences. It provides robust out-of-the-box features and provides integrations designed to customize your site to fit your unique needs.



Custom Features Let Your Customer Choose Their Journey  

Adobe Commerce comes with out-of-the-box features for every part of your customer journey. Custom features can be created or integrated for maximum efficiency and sales conversions.



Manage multiple brands and provide a custom experience for both B2B and B2C sales on digital channels, all in one platform.


Mobile Friendly 

Provide a custom app-like feel to mobile shoppers right from your website. 


Integrated B2B Functions 

Create custom catalogs and pricing, personalized customer experiences, and self-service options for account management and ordering. 


Headless Commerce 

Deliver a seamless customer experience across every channel and on any device with API-based commerce. 


Multi-Channel Sales 

Use Amazon marketplace to build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C businesses. Create a seamless experience from catalog to payment to fulfillment on a platform that is flexible, extensible, and scalable. 


Real-Time Business Intelligence Helps
Customer Satisfaction

Centralize and manage all your business data in real-time. Adobe Commerce delivers a single solution for your commerce data with cloud-based hosting, rich visualization capabilities, and robust reporting tools. Monitor your business health with dashboards displaying the information you personalize engagement across all channels and increase the business value of your back office operations. 

Customize By Customer Segment

Adobe Commerce offers flexibility and customization to create a unique customer experience based on customer segmentation. Increase personalized buyer journeys and offer easy purchase and checkout actions. 

Ease Of Development

Adobe Commerce offers easy website development and offers resources to support your site. Allow teams to perform functions on their own and have a level of control over site content. 

Strong Technological Foundation

Adobe Commerce provides cloud-hosting on a robust tech stack to run multiple websites efficiently. 

Deliver New Brands Quickly

Build a factory model for multiple brands and deliver them to the market in record time. Standardized brand creation offers quick turnaround and increases sales opportunities.

Automated Sales Orders

Save time and money with automated sales orders decreasing the time it takes to close a sale and increase revenue.

Optimized Customer Experience

Adobe Commerce allows you to have a relevant brand presence for site visitors. Happy visitors make happy customers, Adobe Commerce provides the tools and features necessary to create an exceptional customer experience. 


Implementation Options
To Get You Up And Running


Start From Scratch With Adobe Commerce

If you’re just starting out and need a website built from scratch, Kensium has the expertise to guide you through the building process. We understand how ecommerce business works and create websites to generate more sales and retain customers. 


Switch To Adobe Commerce

Are you on a platform that’s reached the end of its potential? Migrating to Adobe Commerce opens a whole new world of tools and functions to scale your business and focus on growth. 



Easy-to-Use Functionality Gets You Up and Running Quickly

Employees and customers alike will love how easy Adobe Commerce is to use and navigate. With training provided by Kensium experts you can cut down on training time and encourage employees to adopt to the new systems.


Our Commitment Keeps Going

This support plan is a set of services that allow clients to focus on building their brand and business. For a set fee, you get Kensium’s expert Maintenance Support Services team that performs monthly monitoring services, reporting, and guidance to improve areas of your site for optimal performance. 

Continuous Support

24x7x365 Uptime Monitoring

Plan For Future Growth 

Where you are now isn’t where you will be in a year, five years, or even in ten years. It’s critical to your business that your website can scale and grow as your business grows. Adobe Commerce provides integrations to help you focus on growing instead of managing your site and automating operations for greater efficiency. 


Cloud Delivery

Cloud-based services provide continuous releases, monitoring, development tools, and make upgrade deployment efficient. 


Data Warehousing and Management

Adobe Commerce provides a cloud-based data warehouse to bring in data and sync data between systems.


Optimize Performance

Amazon Web Service hosting supports any size of commerce website and scales during busy times to ensure it’s always running at optimal performance.


Site Security

Adobe Commerce has built-in tools to keep your data safe and secure. Security scanning helps keep you up to date on security risks, malware, and unauthorized site access.


App Marketplace 

Adobe Commerce has a robust library of add-on applications to customize your site, speed up performance, easy checkout, and shipping options. These applications help consolidate all operations and site management in one source.


ERP Integration

Adobe Commerce integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP. Acumatica Cloud ERP manages all your back end operations, customer information, and more.


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Our certified team has the experience and resources to build on the platform and integrate your back-end systems.

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