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Platform Evaluation Tool

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What's the Best Ecommerce Platform?



Align the Platform to Your Business Needs

The question we're really looking to answer is what is the best platform and the best set of technologies for you. This all starts with the business requirements and the objectives of the business. We want to first and foremost understand what you're trying to achieve as a business now and into the future and align the right technologies and capabilities to achieve that vision.

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Business Requirements

Focus on Business Requirements First, Not Features

Features are certainly important and they need to be aligned with your business objectives, but there's other factors that are important.


How Do You Consume Software?



Do You Have IT Staff to Support Your Software?


What Integrations Are Required?


Is SaaS a better fit for your business?



Do you sell B2C, B2B, or D2C?


What products do you sell now and in the future?


Evaluating BigCommerce vs. Adobe Commerce

Watch an agnostic video comparing BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce.

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Company-wide Adoption is Key

You won't see a return on your investment until your organization is using the platform the way it was intended.


Kensium's Revenue Equation

Revenue = Traffic x Average Order Value x Conversion Rate x Frequency.

This simple equation for increasing revenue helps put all the moving parts into a plan of action to help you monetize your solutions and create room for growth and scalability.


Platform Evaluation Tool


Find Out More About Platform Pricing

Our certified team has the experience and resources to build on the platform and integrate your back-end systems.