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We are a trusted Shopify Plus Partner that can help you deliver a unique and custom ecommerce experience that is integrated into your fulfillment systems, 3PL, marketplaces, ERPs, and other back-end systems.

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Personalized Experiences

We can help you give your customers personalized B2B experiences based on their location, industry, purchase history, contract, or any criteria you choose.


Intelligent Purchasing

We can provide order placement features that make sense to B2B customers, helping you gain their loyalty.


Flexible Payments

We can provide order placement features that make sense to B2B customers, helping you gain their loyalty.


Efficient Inventory Management

Shopify Plus offers a robust set of features for inventory management, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to handle their stock efficiently.

Built to Scale and Grow

Shopify Plus is a powerful ecommerce platform designed for businesses aiming to scale and achieve substantial growth.


Advanced Integration Options

Shopify Plus supports various third-party integrations and apps, allowing you to build a comprehensive tech stack that suits your business requirements. This flexibility lets you leverage the latest technologies and tools to drive efficiency and growth.



With Shopify Plus, you have greater flexibility to customize your online store to match your brand's unique identity and evolving needs. You can create fully personalized storefronts, themes, and user experiences to differentiate your business in the market.


Multi-Channel Capabilities

Shopify Plus allows you to expand your sales channels beyond your online store. You can seamlessly sell on social media platforms, marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and even physical retail locations. This omnichannel approach can help you reach a broader audience and drive revenue growth.


Dedicated Support and Resources

Shopify Plus provides dedicated account managers and priority support for its customers. You'll have access to experts who can assist you in navigating complex challenges and optimizing your ecommerce strategy. Additionally, Shopify Plus regularly hosts events and resources tailored to its enterprise customers, providing valuable networking opportunities and industry insights.

Sell Direct to Consumers (DTC)

We enable B2B businesses to reach new markets by selling directly to their end consumers. Beyond the technology, we have the expertise to create a strategic roadmap and  provide guidance to ensure these new channels work in alignment and harmony with your existing channels, networks, partners, and systems.




The Power of the
Shopify - Acumatica - Kensium Triad

Kensium was specifically sought out by Shopify as a partner with the strategic, operational, and technological know-how to successfully implement Acumatica ERP and connect it to Shopify stores.

Acumatica-Shopify-Kensium Triad-finalAcumatica-Shopify-Kensium Triad-two-alfsAcumatica-Shopify-Kensium Triad-two-alfs



"What sets Kensium apart is their ability to streamline operations and enhance productivity through their seamless integration solutions. Thanks to their persistent and creative approach to the Opus project, our Shopify Plus site and ERP now work in harmony, eliminating redundancies and data silos. This has not only resulted in cost savings but has also given us the agility and scalability we need to stay competitive. Thank you, Kensium, for your on-going support and helping us achieve a more connected and effective business environment that is key to being relevant in today’s fluid and complex Fine Art Supplies market."


-Tom James

CEO, Opus Arts Supplies