Klevu Search & Discovery

Klevu’s Discovery Suite is the only solution suite of its kind to use data from search and includes a range of solutions to balance AI and strategic control, it is quick and easy to install and is compatible with all eCommerce platforms. Klevu is also API first, allowing ultra-flexible methods of integration and customizations.

The results? A hyper-relevant discovery experience for customers and a nice boost in performance for ecommerce websites.


Key Features

Smart Category Merchandising

A holistic tool that magically combines rich insights from site-wide search, navigation, purchases, and the customer’s current session with strategic business goals.
Fast Resolution

Klevu AI

Combine linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning to deliver more enticing search results to each individual user. Harness the power of real-time user intent and boost your customer’s ecommerce experience. 

Smart Recommendations

Klevu Smart Recommendations is the only product recommendations tool that is powered by true shopper intent, from search. 

Automated Product Catalog

Klevu automatically adds contextually relevant synonyms to the product catalog to enrich wider search coverage. As a result of wider and deeper search coverage, shoppers can find products they are looking for even when search terms don’t match with the catalog data.

Real-time trends and personalization

Klevu AI identifies trending products and personalizes the session for shoppers, automatically boosting relevant products accordingly on search overlays and search results pages. If used in tandem with Klevu.

Dynamic filters

Dynamic filters on search overlay or search results pages are easy to configure, help shoppers navigate results, and help inform the AI of preferences as they browse.

CDN Backed

Industry grade security. Pen-tested with exceptionally robust failovers in place, ensuring 99.99% uptime.

360-degree analytics

Klevu Analytics gives complete visibility of the path from search to purchase. Data is accessible from the Klevu Merchant Center or daily emailed reports are available.

Fully supported

Klevu values the design principle of ease of use, always. This means that merchants can easily configure product rules and placements unassisted. If help is required, our friendly support team is available 24/7.


About Klevu

Founded in 2013, Klevu’s proprietary product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion, and loyalty for ecommerce websites, while reducing bounce rates. It is easy to configure, optimize and maintain and fully integrates with major ecommerce platforms in hours.

At Klevu, we believe that every retailer should be able to compete with Amazon and win. That AI innovation isn’t the privilege of the chosen few. And that good technology doesn’t need to be complicated or break the bank.


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