Dotdigital Marketing Solutions

Dotdigital helps create deeper customer relationships with cross-channel marketing solutions to make campaigns a breeze. Dotdigital combines today’s sales channels with data-driven personalization to communicate with customers about the things that matter. With enriched customer insight, companies can drive sales with advanced reporting and 360-degree customer views to direct their next campaign. Dotdigital helps unlock potential and connect customer engagement with business outcomes that directly link back to ROI.


Key Features


Craft communications that fit like a glove with cross-channel automation to ensure you reach the right audience with insights designed to drive retention and build powerful buyer personas.

Lead Scoring and Generation

Score leads and generate customers with easy-to-use SMS and email campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns that brighten every inbox. Dotdigtal makes it simple to customize and automate your communications.

Retarget Social Ads

Build brand awareness and reach lost leads with hyper-relevant ads. Ace your social campaigns.

Abandoned Browse Campaigns

Run targeted abandoned browse campaigns to win back customers and resurface their interests.

Mobile push and SMS

Make every phone a friend. Use push notifications to send timely updates that get read.

Single customer view

Break down data silos, create a single customer view, and make decisions based on customer behavior.


Get reports on campaigns, RFM, and ROI to assess marketing efforts and adapt for future needs. Precision drag-and-drop segmentation helps you analyze campaign results and refine your audience.

Triggered campaigns

Plan for big events. Create messages based on your customer's actions, and build intelligent welcome campaigns.


About Dotdigital

Dotdigital has been working with brands to improve marketing and customer engagement for over 20 years. They are located in the US, Netherlands, Vietnam, and New Zealand, eliminating the struggle of waiting for support depending on your time zone. Their platform continues to innovate and meet the demand of the data-driven world, whose brands and consumers expect seamless, relevant, and instantaneous connections. Thousands of brands in 150+ countries utilize Dotdigital to power their marketing campaigns through SMS and email. Dotdigital is here to make you successful no matter your marketing campaign challenge.

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