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Kensium Helps Auto Parts Supplier Custom-Tune their Shopping Experience with Adobe Commerce




About Real Street

Real Street Performance is a trusted authority in the performance aftermarket industry, leveraging our highly experienced build advisors knowledge to assist a wide range of customers from entry-level novice retail customers all the way to expert high-volume wholesale accounts. Real Street's focus on integrity and transparency cultivates a reputation of trust and loyalty that spans their entire global customer base. Real Street Performance is in the business of selling happiness through a highly technical product that brings joy to the end user during the build process and certainly at the end, when the project is finally put to use.

Location: Sanford, Florida
Industry: Auto Parts Ecommerce


Order Value


Bounce Rate


Product Browsing

Real Street Performance's products are technical and attribute driven. Product names and images do little or nothing to help identify and distinguish them, which is crucial for customers to select the right auto part and not jeopardize their car builds. 

Search - A more granular, technical search function that could help their knowledgeable customer base locate the specific part or parts they were thinking of with little work.

Product listing - Hundreds of their parts look virtually identical, with near-identical titles, and differentiated by only a few characters. Customers had to click on each item on the search results page to view specs and determine compatibility. 

Compatibility check - Real Street Performance needed an online tool that matched up their customers' make, model, and engine type with compatible parts and accessories.

#1. Custom Item Cards
The new Item Cards showcase product images, specifications, SKU numbers, price, availability, and the "add-to-cart" button. This created a more straightforward, faster way for customers to find what they want without clicking on dozens of web pages to know if it's what they were looking for.

#2. Package Builder
Serving as both a sales and educational tool, the Package Builder walks customers step-by-step through selecting parts to build car components. They can enter their vehicles' make, model, and engine type to find compatible parts and accessories. This tool cuts what used to be a 30-60-minute process down to 1-2 minutes for power users

#3. Build Recipe
Similar to how cookbook recipes are laid out, Real Street Performance Performance's Build-a-Recipe feature applies the same concept to custom-built vehicles. Each "recipe" gives the customer a story, a list of auto parts for purchase, instructions, specifications, guides, and more. This feature was well-received among car enthusiasts looking to build or modify custom vehicles.

Reduced ecommerce friction
By customizing the product browsing experience, users could find their products more quickly, reducing frustration and increasing the conversion rate.

Increased revenue
By creating bundling functionality, users were encouraged to make larger purchases (AOV), thus increasing revenue.

The better buying experience, outstanding customer service, and industry expertise enabled car enthusiasts to repeat purchases and become loyal customers.

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