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2 min read

Navigating the New Adobe Commerce Lifecycle Policy with Kensium's Support


Adobe Commerce has recently implemented a new lifecycle policy, aiming to address the challenges associated with frequent upgrades and...

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3 min read

Changing Direction - How D2C Increases Profit For Manufacturers

In the past, a clear distinction existed between B2B and B2C business models. Manufacturers sold to stores in bulk (B2B), and retailers sold to...

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Inventory Sync Between Acumatica ERP & Amazon

3 min read

Why Integrating Amazon And Acumatica Offers Better Inventory Control

As the economy and supply chains start to realign after the massive product shortages in 2022, a new problem has emerged – excess inventory. This...

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christmas tree and fireplace in background and gifts in foreground

4 min read

10 Ways To Get Ready For Holiday Ecommerce Sales

You can make up to 50% of your annual sales during the holiday shopping season. Last year alone, holiday retail sales increased by 8.5% (which was...

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