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How Shoebacca Grew Revenue X15 In Just Three Years


3 min read

A New Magento B2B Experience For An Outdoor Supply Company

From apparel and building supplies to livestock and automotive parts, this distribution company offers over 120,000 products from 3,500 brands. However, they lost sales due to a clunky, outdated, and overstuffed website. 

4 min read

Look To The Future Of Ecommerce With Progressive Web Applications

We interact with mobile devices and applications every day. For example, you want to order food, you tap to open the application on your phone, and in a few taps, you've ordered food, and it's on its way to your door. Now, say you need government...

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How a 200-Year-Old Whisky Brand Used Magento 2 In Record Time

About Our Client

For over 200 years, this client has been beloved around the globe for its premium Scottish whisky. They sell most of their whisky online, but their distillery is also a popular tourist destination where visitors can go on tours,...

4 min read

What You Need To Know About Progressive Web Apps

Where We’ve Been

Web pages have long been the primary way a brand attracts readers and customers. Whether you are an individual blogger or a retail/ecommerce business, your website is the face of your brand. We’ve come a long way since the internet's...

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How To Increase Communication and Collaboration With Acumatica

Today’s workplace is changing. Thanks to the pandemic, many people started working from home, but now that things have returned to somewhat normal, many companies are using a hybrid workplace model. This hybrid model allows employees to work both...

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Behind The Scenes: Acumatica's Approach To Cyber Attack Security

More and more often, business websites and computer systems are vulnerable to hacking and other cyber threats. These incidents damage businesses and other organizations, especially if security is breached and sensitive or confidential business and...

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Kensium's First Annual Kensium Cares Day

June 12th, 2022, marked the 16th anniversary of Kensium. We have grown by leaps and bounds over the last 16 years. Previous anniversaries rewarded employees by getting together at a resort for a day of fun and relaxation. Two years ago, one of our staff...

2 min read

Kensium Plans For 2022

2021 was an extraordinary and challenging year for everyone, and Kensium was no different. With a considerable portion of our beloved staff residing in India, we, as a company, shared a very different experience. It’s difficult to explain how...