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What's New At Kensium? Our 2023 Product Roadmap

What's New at Kensium in 2023

Fusion – a division of Kensium 2023 Product Roadmap

In August 2022, Kensium announced its acquisition of FusionRMS Software. Adding to our product line, Kensium combines its ERP and Commerce solutions with Fusion’s leading POS and Warehouse management platforms.


The Fusion brand has been updated to reflect this change, and all Kensium-owned products are now a part of Fusion.


2023 Fusion Division Products

All Kensium-built products now fall under the Fusion division. They will continue to be supported, enhancements released, and functions will stay the same.


Fusion Adobe Connector logo

This Connector bridges Adobe/Magento’s front-end eCommerce platform and Acumatica’s ERP, facilitating seamless data exchange across stock items, sales categories, customers, orders, and shipments. 



FUSION PRODUCTS_Kensium Commerce Framework

This framework built on Acumatica ERP allows commerce solutions wanting to integrate with Acumatica all the necessary core features, configurations, and APIs they need, so they can only focus on the code on their platform.



FUSION PRODUCTS_ChannelAdvisor Connector

This solution connects Acumatica to Rithum (formerly ChannelAdvisor) – a marketplace aggregation platform allowing businesses to connect to a single system to interface with multiple marketplaces for expanding their Sales Channels.



FUSION PRODUCTS_Sellercloud Connector

Sellercloud is another marketplace aggregator that helps simplify business operations and expand to more sales channels, seamlessly controlling your inventory, catalog, purchasing, and fulfillment in one solution. This connector integrates Acumatica with Sellercloud.



FUSION PRODUCTS_BigCommerce B2B Connector

This is a solution for B2B Commerce customers running BigCommerce and Acumatica ERP and looking for seamless and real-time integration of B2B features between the two systems.



CommercePro is an extension for distribution and commerce merchants running Acumatica Cloud ERP that adds several features to Acumatica around inventory management, pricing, payments, and customer service to increase efficiencies and improve existing Acumatica functionality. This new version offers enhanced capabilities and performance.


Payment Gateways


FUSION PRODUCTS_Braintree Plugin

Braintree Plugin for Acumatica brings the power and security of Braintree’s industry-leading credit card processing mechanisms to Acumatica



American Express Extend solution integrates with the Accounts Payable (AP) module to generate virtual cards for AMEX users while sending vendor payments.



PayPal Invoicing Plugin is a custom integration that manages your billing and receiving funds virtually from anywhere using PayPal.

FUSION PRODUCTS_PayPal Payflow Plugin

PayPal Payflow Pro Plugin is an integration that handles all major credit and debit cards that links your Acumatica instance to your PayPal processing network and merchant account via PayPal’s Payflow gateway. 




A replacement for the now-retired Product Configurator – Bundle Products, this solution enhances Acumatica Stock Items by adding a new product type that allows users to build/configure their custom product based on pre-defined options and rules. Example uses include building your laptop or furniture.



FUSION PRODUCTS_Customizable Kits

This product replaces the now-retired Product Configurator - Grouped products. Customizable Kits are an enhancement to the standard Acumatica Kit functionality. Unlike the fixed definitions for Kit components, this solution allows users to enter the component count when placing the order.




Fusion POS / RMS is an enterprise-level, full-featured point-of-sale solution for retailers who want to fully use their accounting system to provide centralized management for highly distributed retail environments without compromising on the capability that is available in standalone retail solutions.




The only Warehouse Management Solution completely embedded in Acumatica with no external tables or applications other than the downloadable software on approved Android handheld devices. For customers that need more from their WMS than what is offered out of the box in Acumatica, Fusion WMS is the perfect solution.



Technical Documentation

In addition to the products under the Fusion division, a new Product Documentation Portal is launching soon and will provide documentation for all Kensium products. Included in this documentation is:

  • Datasheets
  • Feature Lists
  • Videos
  • Downloadable Product Upgrades
  • API Documentation & Testing


Kensium is committed to being an industry leader and consolidating our products under one division provides faster development and robust documentation so you can make informed decisions based on your business needs. 

Want to know more about Fusion Products? Contact us and let's chat!



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