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Kensium Acquires FusionRMS

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August 4, 2022

Kensium Acquires Fusion Software

Kensium acquires Fusion Software, furthering its strategic positioning in the retail/commerce, distribution, and manufacturing industry.

Chicago, Illinois– Kensium has acquired FusionRMS Software. With this acquisition, Kensium combines its ERP and Commerce solutions and implementation expertise with Fusion Software’s leading POS and Warehouse Management solutions.

  • FusionRMS is a full-feature, point-of-sale solution that integrates tightly with both Sage and Acumatica ERP solutions. FusionRMS lets you optimize the ERP environment for centralized management in highly distributed retail environments.
  • FusionWMS is the only Warehouse Management Solution completely embedded in Acumatica, utilizing the Acumatica database in real-time

“The Fusion team has worked hard to develop integrated retail and warehouse management applications that are intuitive and easy to use. Joining the Kensium team allows us to further refine and develop our functional capabilities to deliver even more omnichannel applications to merchants. As a separate division within Kensium, we can benefit from their vast technical knowledge but still focus on adding more functionality and enabling resellers to independently manage their customer relationships.”

-Mike Gill, President at FusionRMS

These features, combined with Kensium’s expertise, offer a comprehensive omnichannel experience for ecommerce merchants, expanding our commerce product line to include POS and WMS functionality for our current and future clients. This acquisition aligns with Kensium’s mission to simplify digital commerce for merchants through guidance, technology, and support for long-term success.

“We are really excited about the acquisition of Fusion. Fusion’s experience will strengthen Kensium’s skills at building and managing our products, which have been a critical component for the dynamic growing and complicated commerce clients in Kensium’s portfolio. For new Kensium clients, we will be able to offer a more well-rounded omnichannel solution offering ERP, Ecommerce, POS, and WMS solutions under the Kensium umbrella. When this is combined with the rest of our expertise, we truly become a one stop shop for commerce needs. For Fusion customers, we look forward to accelerating Fusion’s growth and increasing its prominence in the commerce space as a preeminent POS solution. This will be a major win for everyone involved and we could not be more excited about it.”

-Paul Prickett, CEO at Kensium

In addition to these features now available to our clients, we expand our global presence with a new location in Mexico to provide support and development for Fusion Software products and services. Fusion Software will continue to develop and integrate Sage & Acumatica for their clients without any interruptions in service and support.

”Acumatica is excited about the opportunity to work with Kensium to bring the Fusion product line to the next level. With a growing number of customers that rely on advanced POS and WMS, this acquisition aligns well with Acumatica’s product roadmap for retail-commerce and distribution.”

- Ali Jani, Chief Product Officer at Acumatica

About Kensium

We evaluate and deploy modern ecommerce and ERP technology so you can optimize back-office operations and multiply your traffic, AOV, conversion rates, and repeat customers. As official partners with Acumatica, Adobe, and BigCommerce, we pride ourselves on matching merchants with tech that serves your business best.

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