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The Illusion of Marketing Control: Now you have it...now you don’t.

In the late 19th century, renowned illusionist Harry Houdini convinced an audience that he could make himself disappear and reappear at will. This spectacle, while a clever trick, left audiences bewildered and believing in the impossible. In a similar vein, many businesses today are ensnared by their own form of illusion—the belief that their digital marketing strategies are comprehensive and cutting-edge..., The reality is, they’re not.  Most businesses are often blind to significant opportunities and advancements in the digital space.  


Understanding the Illusion 

The Illusion of Marketing Control mirrors Houdini's act in many ways. It's the mistaken belief held by businesses that their existing digital marketing efforts are optimized, ignoring the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of online marketing. Businesses depend on their marketing team or vendor to understand their marketing health, but what if what they observe isn’t the current truth? This illusion manifests through various critical oversights: 

  • Overconfidence in Current Strategies: Clinging to outdated tactics while failing to see and adapt to new digital trends, technologies, or updates in search engine algorithms. 
  • Ignorance of Best Practices: Neglecting essential digital marketing fundamentals, such as SEO best practices, the importance of meta tags, and website structure optimization. 
  • Underutilization of Marketing Channels: Overlooking potentially lucrative channels like email marketing, strategic partnerships, influencer collaborations, and a variety of social media platforms. 


Shattering the Illusion - Case Study 

A B2C client that came to us for an assessment, like many others, was heavily invested in conventional digital marketing solutions but saw vanishing conversions and didn’t understand why. Their competitors were consistently outperforming them in a space our client used to dominate. The revelation came when we discovered they had completely overlooked influencer marketing on emerging platforms—a channel their competitors were using to drive massive conversions. 

By integrating influencer marketing into their strategy, focusing on partnerships that aligned with their brand and resonated with their audience, our client was able to increase online revenue by over 11%. This example underscores the importance of working with the right team to continually assess and adapt marketing strategies to include overlooked but highly effective channels. 


The Reality Behind the Illusion 

The illusion of marketing control is reinforced by several factors: 

  • Rapid Technological Advancements: The pace at which digital technology evolves can leave previously effective marketing strategies outdated. 
  • Complexity of Digital Ecosystems: Navigating the intricate web of SEO, content marketing, social media, and analytics can be overwhelming. 
  • Lack of Expertise: The absence of specialized knowledge in the latest digital marketing trends, tools and practices results in ineffective strategies. 


The Critical Role of External Partnerships 

Overcoming the illusion often requires the expertise of external marketing partners like Kensium. Because we service many clients across numerous industries, our team needs to be knowledgeable of current best practices across channels. We are not magicians, but professionals that are certified and focused on solving client marketing issues. Our experts bring: 

  • Certified Knowledge: Up-to-date understanding of digital marketing trends and best practices. [view our certifications] 
  • Objective Insight: An external viewpoint that can identify opportunities and inefficiencies not apparent from within. 
  • Tailored Strategies: Development of comprehensive, multi-channel strategies aligned with specific business goals. 


The Illusion Becomes Reality 

Recognizing the illusion of marketing control is a crucial step for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital age. Regular audits of digital marketing strategies, openness to change, and the consideration of external expertise are essential for leveraging the full spectrum of digital opportunities. 

Just as Houdini's audience was captivated by the illusion of the impossible, businesses may find themselves under the spell of perceived digital marketing competency. Breaking free from this illusion requires a willingness to explore behind the curtain and embrace the expertise of those who can separate illusion from reality  with precision and insight. 

Click here to make an appointment with Kensium’s marketing experts and regain control of your marketing. 


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