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Our in-house team will review your overall online presence, with a focus on where we think you’re missing the greatest opportunities. Our UX and UI design team will review your usability and branding. Our technical SEO team and Social Marketing team will review your ranking, SEO best practices, and social channels. 

Our clients have seen:
  • A 552% increase in revenue from Instagram sales alone
  • A 360% increase in website conversions
  • Reduced COA (cost of acquisition) from $21 to
    under $2.

Marketing Assessment Examples

Our In-house Team Can Assess
The Effectiveness of Your Online Presence. 


Assessment Part One: Usability

Usability is critical to conversion rate optimization. We’ve recommended small changes to client’s website pages that have resulted in impressive upticks in conversions and sales. We’ll take screenshots and diagram content and layout edits that we believe will improve your customer’s experience.


Assessment Part Two: Marketing

We divide marketing into four main areas of focus.

  1. Social media marketing channels
  2. Email marketing
  3. Paid marketing SEO best practices
  4. Technical SEO best practices

We can adjust our time spent on each of these areas based on our client’s marketing strategy.


Assessment Part Three: Branding

Branding across channels is often inconsistent and underutilized, but it’s a key differentiator and is one of the primary ways your target audience recognizes your business. Our award-winning design team will survey the effectiveness of your brand across your website and other digital channels.


And Finally Our Recommendations

Anyone with the right tools can run reports on performance metrics, but the real work begins when those results are reviewed by experts who can provide actionable recommendations. Our team provides concrete recommendations that can be followed by ours or any skilled marketing or development agency.


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