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4 min read

Why Acumatica ERP Outperforms QuickBooks Online When It Comes To Commerce

QuickBooks Online is one of the most well-known financial management solutions for small businesses on the market today. It offers a wide range of products and functionality that can meet the requirements of your business. Many small to medium-sized...

5 min read

How Acumatica ERP Relieves Stress Implementing A New ERP System

In recent years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become a crucial part of mid-to enterprise-sized organizations. As your business grows, it's essential to have a centralized source for data collected across departments and teams. In...

4 min read

How To Increase Communication and Collaboration With Acumatica

Today’s workplace is changing. Thanks to the pandemic, many people started working from home, but now that things have returned to somewhat normal, many companies are using a hybrid workplace model. This hybrid model allows employees to work both...

4 min read

Behind The Scenes: Acumatica's Approach To Cyber Attack Security

More and more often, business websites and computer systems are vulnerable to hacking and other cyber threats. These incidents damage businesses and other organizations, especially if security is breached and sensitive or confidential business and...

4 min read

Six Reasons Why Ecommerce Retailers Need The Right ERP System

The constant evolution of ecommerce has transformed the way companies run their businesses. Modern online sales are fast-paced, constantly changing, and pushing technology to newer and higher limits. With new tools for ecommerce being developed daily,...

2 min read

How To Leverage AI Technology For A Winning ERP Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to advance, and cloud ERP vendors are taking advantage. Gartner says CIOs seeking to transform their organizations digitally must include AI within their postmodern ERP strategies and explain why in a...

2 min read

Acumatica Guest Blog: Strategies For mixing ERP With eCommerce trade

It’s a well-known fact that the ecommerce industry has been flourishing for years. Once the pandemic hit, online sales increased even more. Online businesses relying on an ecommerce platform and a separate enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution have...

4 min read

Acumatica Summit Takeaway

For the eighth year in a row, Kensium attended the Acumatica Summit, a premier event for partners, customers, and tech innovators. We spent five days in sunny Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel, learning about Acumatica's future, industry-leading technologies,...

6 min read

Spotlight: Acumatica Cloud ERP Controlling Your Company's Financials

Today we're focusing on easing the pain points for those feeling the heat of financial-sector inefficiencies, contradictions, and outright mishaps beating them down. So, CFOs, controllers, and financers are talking to you today.