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1 min read

BigCommerce Announces Multi-Storefront Feature

Big news! BigCommerce just announced that they are rolling out a new feature, multi-Storefront, for enterprise ecommerce stores. As one of the most requested features, BigCommerce is helping partners update apps and technologies to help roll out the...

6 min read

Spotlight: Acumatica Cloud ERP Controlling Your Company's Financials

Today we're focusing on easing the pain points for those feeling the heat of financial-sector inefficiencies, contradictions, and outright mishaps beating them down. So, CFOs, controllers, and financers are talking to you today.

1 min read

The Big Winner At The Acumatica Summit Is Kensium

Drum roll please……….The big winner at the Acumatica Summit is…..Kensium!

6 min read

The Distributor’s Guide To Going Direct To Consumers

The outbreak of COVID-19 illustrated the need for digital and remote capabilities for many distribution companies. Suddenly, distribution companies putting off technological upgrades find themselves in a situation where they need to support a remote...

4 min read

The Powerful Value Of Referral Marketing In ECommerce

Let’s play an easy game. It’s called, “Who do you trust?” Do you trust paid ad results at the top of Google listings or your best friend? How about banners on YouTube or your mom? Like we said, an easy game. We all trust family, friends, and sometimes...

4 min read

The Top 3 Barriers to B2B eCommerce Growth

Ecommerce improves efficiency and productivity in many areas and industries. In the last decade, ecommerce and digitizing your business have gotten a lot of attention. New opportunities arise daily thanks to the intense growth of new Internet landscape...

4 min read

Why Your Business Should Look Ahead To The Metaverse

You may already know that 15% of retail purchases are made online. That’s 5 trillion dollars of business every year. Consumers feel increasingly comfortable buying online, even more so since the pandemic. Your online store probably felt this growth to...

3 min read

Ecommerce Wins Big At The Acumatica Summit

Kensium is hitting the road! On January 23rd, we are headed to Las Vegas for the  Acumatica Summit. The Summit is an annual ERP event for vendors, partners, and customers. An innovative and collaborative event, the Summit provides the latest news,...

6 min read

How To Create An Exceptional Product Catalog

In ecommerce, product catalogs are tremendously helpful marketing and sales tools that organize your product information in one place. The main objective of your product catalog is to categorize product information and is not only valuable for buyers but...