Victoria Chuidrian

Victoria is Kensium's Social Media Manager. In addition to creating amazing content, she enjoys spending time with family and is an avid animal lover.

3 min read

KWN Member Spotlight: March 2024

This March, Kensium Women's Network is proud to launch our Member Spotlight series! Each publication will feature three KWN members whom we think everyone should know more about. These women are intelligent, and...

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Why B2B

4 min read

Why B2B Companies need Social Media Marketing

Social media is considered a key aspect of overall digital marketing success by most ecommerce businesses, both B2B and B2C.Over the last decade, I...

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How to Beat Stress

5 min read

How To Beat Stress At Work And At Home

Stress is no joke. Whether you are impacted by a personal issue in life, running late for a work appointment, or simply watching the news, you will...

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