Kandy Beatty

Kandy Beatty – Acumatica Implementation Specialist

4 min read

Make Customers Happy During The Holiday Season With Acumatica

While merchants are getting ready for the holiday shopping rush, they may discover that they cannot predict how much of an increase in sales they’ll experience. When ecommerce merchants aren’t ready for the increase,...

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Woman At Desk With Laptop Staring Out Window

5 min read

How Acumatica ERP Relieves Stress Implementing A New ERP System

In recent years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become crucial for mid-to-enterprise-sized organizations. As your business grows,...

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Home Office Habrid

4 min read

How To Increase Communication and Collaboration With Acumatica

Today’s workplace is changing. Thanks to the pandemic, many people started working from home, but now that things have returned to somewhat normal,...

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