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Amazon Buy with Prime

Businesses selling products on their own websites can now leverage Amazon's incredibly powerful and efficient fulfillment service to handle product deliveries by using the "Buy with Prime" option. Amazon then provides its customers, who are also Prime members with all the Prime perks they would get if they were making their purchases directly from the Amazon website.

Benefits for Merchants

“Buy with Prime” allows merchants to streamline their shipping while offering customers more assurance when making purchases. Any eligible products that a participating merchant includes in their own independent online store may also include the Prime logo and the estimated delivery date.

Once this is set up, the seller may design a straightforward, practical, and secure internal selling process while also demonstrating to buyers the benefits to them. It includes all of the associated free shipping, quick delivery times, and other advantages that Prime membership on the Amazon marketplace formerly provided.

"Buy with Prime" will initially only be accessible to certain merchants that currently use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for their sales via invitation. If their inventory is already being managed by an Amazon fulfillment center, these sellers can add a "Buy with Prime" button to their own web stores as soon as they have signed up. 
A customer's order number, basic contact information, and email address are all sent to the vendor along with the order. Even if Amazon is taking care of the logistics of the customer's order fulfillment, this enables the merchant to contact the customer directly.

Begin with "Buy with Prime" in just 4 Simple Steps


buy-with-prime-5steps (1)

Benefits for Consumers

The advantages of Buy with Prime for consumers are easy to see. By using the service, customers may shop more safely and securely, get their products faster, and have more of their purchases covered by Amazon's refund and replacement policies, even when using third-party websites.

Let's say you shop online and prefer a particular specialty website for finding certain things that you don't want to look up on Amazon. In such situation, you can use Buy with Prime to maintain the advantages of your Prime experience even while you shop elsewhere, as long as your merchant supports Buy with Prime.

Merchants can gain more customers with Buy with Prime integration and potentially increase sales.

If your business needs assistance setting up Buy with Prime, please contact the marketplace experts at Kensium for a quick evaluation and estimate.


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