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Kensium and Acumatica - A Winning Combo For Avante Health Solutions

For over 35 years, Avante Health Solutions has been an industry-leading provider of medical equipment, service maintenance, technical support, and repair. There are seven different businesses under the umbrella of Avante and Kensium helped to stitch them all together through the use of Acumatica and BigCommerce.

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Kensium is a full-service implementation agency providing connected cloud-based ERP and commerce solutions for healthcare merchants. We are excited to share with you the top problems that a cloud-based ERP can solve for your medical devices business. 



Connecting a cloud-based ERP with BigCommerce provides an end-to-end solution.



Ensure you have the right materials, and products, at the right time to meet customer demand.



Acumatica's Manufacturing Edition helps you efficiently manage every aspect of your manufacturing business. 



Streamline financial processes such as billing, invoicing, and accounts payable - all in real-time.

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A Deeper Dive

Connected Commerce, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Financials are essential to maximizing Supply Chain Management, improving Costs Control, and simplifying Regulatory Compliance.

Solving Commerce


1: Solving Commerce

The integration of Acumatica with BigCommerce means that businesses can leverage the benefits of both platforms to create an end-to-end commerce solution. With this integration, businesses can manage their entire e-commerce operations, from order management and inventory tracking to financial management and customer service, all from a single platform. This makes it easier for businesses to streamline their operations and reduce the time and resources needed to manage their e-commerce operations.

Supply Management-green

2: Solving Inventory

With Acumatica, businesses can track inventory levels in real-time, manage multiple warehouses, and set up automated reordering to ensure they always have the right amount of stock on hand. Additionally, Acumatica provides tools for managing warehouse operations, such as receiving and putaway, picking and packing, and shipping and delivery.

One of the key benefits of Acumatica's warehouse and fulfillment capabilities is that businesses can track inventory levels across multiple locations, which is particularly important for businesses with complex supply chains. This allows businesses to optimize their inventory levels and reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

Acumatica also provides businesses with tools for managing fulfillment operations, such as order processing, order tracking, and shipping label generation. With these capabilities, businesses can manage their entire fulfillment process, from order receipt to final delivery, all within the same platform.

Solving Manufacture


3: Solving Manufacturing

One of the key benefits of Acumatica is its support for both discrete and process manufacturing, as well as its quality control module, which enables businesses to manage their entire manufacturing process within a single platform.

Discrete manufacturing refers to the production of distinct, individual items such as machinery, electronics, or furniture. In contrast, process manufacturing refers to the production of goods in bulk quantities, such as food, beverages, or chemicals. Acumatica provides support for both types of manufacturing, allowing businesses to manage their production processes in a way that is tailored to their specific needs.

Acumatica's quality control module allows businesses to track product quality at every stage of production, from raw materials to finished goods, and provides tools for managing quality inspections, testing, and certifications.


4: Solving Financials

Cloud ERP systems can help medical device manufacturers streamline financial processes such as billing, invoicing, and accounts payable, as well as provide real-time financial data to support strategic decision-making.

In an industry as competitive as medical devices, managing costs is critical to maintaining profitability and staying ahead of the competition. However, identifying cost-saving opportunities and optimizing production processes can be challenging without the right tools and data. Cloud-based ERP solutions can provide real-time insights into production costs, inventory levels, and other key metrics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The benefits of “headless” commerce

Integrating a headless commerce solution with your ERP can future-proof your organization.



Medical device companies can use headless commerce to deliver personalized shopping experiences to their customers based on their browsing history, purchase history, and other data points.


Omnichannel Commerce

Headless commerce enables medical device companies to sell their products across multiple channels, including online marketplaces, social media platforms, and mobile apps.


Product to Market

Headless commerce can help medical device companies launch new products more quickly by enabling them to build and deploy new e-commerce experiences faster and more efficiently.


Customer Service

Headless commerce enables medical device companies to provide better customer service by integrating customer data across all channels and providing real-time support.


Enhanced Data Analytics

Headless commerce platforms provide robust data analytics capabilities that enable medical device companies to gain insights into customer behavior, product performance, and market trends, which can inform strategic decision-making and improve business outcomes.


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