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A New Magento B2B Experience For An Outdoor Supply Company

A New Magento B2B Experience For An Outdoor Supply Company

From apparel and building supplies to livestock and automotive parts, this distribution company offers over 120,000 products from 3,500 brands. However, they lost sales due to a clunky, outdated, and overstuffed website. 

This business needed to create a better customer experience before Cyber Week, or they would suffer from the usual ailments that befall an unintuitive website: abandoned carts, shorter time spent on the website, and lower average order value. Kensium enabled them to create a unique online experience for their B2B and B2C customers through Magento 2 Commerce, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and increased sales. 

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The Challenge

Our challenge was to re-platform the website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and install its new customer-centric functionality before the holiday season. In addition, there were various improvements that they required for their overall customer experience:

  • The merchant had no promotions on their website, something they wanted to take advantage of during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Without deals and promotions on their website, they were anxious about losing sales and lowering average order values (AOV).
  • The Checkout process required improvements since buyers filled out the same delivery and customer information forms every time they made a purchase. There was no saved customer information the merchant could use to pre-fill forms.
  • The merchant was missing external gift card support and gift-wrap checkout options in time for the holidays. 
  • Customers weren’t receiving any value from signing up on the website. This merchant wanted to use customer profiles to notify customers of any available and related items. Additionally, they needed the profiles to track customer order history and rewards points for frequent shoppers.

After going through discovery and scoping phases with strong collaboration on both sides, Kensium’s award-winning Magento and Acumatica professionals were ready to get to work. 

image of outdoor gear - boots, fanny pack, binoculars, matches, etc.

The Solution

Kensium implemented the following solutions for our client:

  • Magento 2 Commerce
  • Kensium’s Product Configurator for Acumatica 
  • Kensium’s Acumatica-Magento Connector
  • Kensium’s Commerce Pro for Acumatica
  • And several other 3rd party extensions – notably Unbxd, Kibo, Yotpo, Emarsys, etc.

With these solutions implemented, this merchant produced exceptional promotions and buying journeys for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Kensium implemented Magento 2 Commerce, which comes standard with catalog and cart price rules. 

  • Catalog price rules offer buyers products at a discounted price based on defined conditions. 
  • Cart Price rules apply discounts to items in the shopping cart based on a set of conditions. When used, the value appears in the cart under the subtotal.

When the merchant wants to kick off a sale at midnight, there is no need to run a reindex on the website. Instead, the promotions will run according to the pre-defined rules. Using Magento 2 Commerce, this company also created discounts based on customer order history, with a detailed discount breakdown automatically generated on the front end. The company also made use of the following Magento 2 promotional features:

  • Offering deals with free items
  • Creating specials with quantity steps
  • Adding banners at the top of product pages


This company worked closely with Kensium to implement a range of inventory control benefits:

  • Accurate tracking across multiple locations
  • Support for picking methods (FIFO/LIFO)
  • Lot & serial number tracking
  • Expiration date management
  • Inventory valuation assessment
  • Automated data collection and integration

Replenishment management

Now their applications and data are consolidated and accessible from any location. That ensures that everyone is using the same set of information and processes. By consolidating all inventory information in a single cloud solution, this company reduced its IT costs significantly and achieved the visibility and real-time data it needed.

image of product page on laptop screen

Gift Cards: 

The merchant’s website now supports external gift cards, gift wrapping, and express pickup. And a new, customized checkout process captures and stores buyer profiles to auto-fill form inputs, personalize promotions, encourage repeat purchases, and more.

Improvements To The Customer Profile: 

Customer profiles now have a range of benefits, particularly for repeat buyers:

  • Creating a profile means customers can subscribe to “In-stock alerts” using links on product detail pages. Then, when the product is back in stock, customers will receive an email notification that it is available. 
  • Customers can create product “wish lists” within their profiles to save any items they may want to purchase later. In addition, customer profiles keep customer order history, which helps the website suggest related products and discounts. 
  • “Loyalty Content” can now be viewed on the customer profile. Users can see their current reward points balance, exchange rates, limitations, and expiration (if applicable) from this page. Additionally, users can subscribe to balance update emails and check their purchase history anytime. 

collection of outdoor items - watch, carabiner, multi-tool, knife, cast iron skillet

The Numbers

These are the percentage gains comparing this company's performance between Black Friday Weekend 2019 and Black Friday Weekend 2020: 

graphic showing results as listed in bullets below

Through Kensium’s guidance, our customer was able to build and design a better shopping experience that led to:

  • 1.64% increase in the number of transactions
  • 14.11% increase in average order value
  • 15.98% increase in revenue

Consider a technological upgrade if your customers struggle with a confusing website and unintuitive buying journey. Kensium offers complete end-to-end solutions from the ERP back office to the front-facing eCommerce platform. Contact Kensium today.


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