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What You Need To Know About Upgrading To Magento 2.4.4+

Adobe Commerce 2.3x (formerly Magento open source 2.3x) is now unsupported by Adobe. While less than 50,000 live sites are using 2.3, a lot will change, and you must know the changes and understand how crucial it is to upgrade to the newest version of Adobe Commerce.

End-of-Life Changes

The End of Life significantly impacts websites using Magento Platform 2.3 and lower, such as no software support, security fixes, and no quality fixes on Magento websites using 2.3x. Below are the changes for Adobe/Magento 2.3x users.

You must upgrade to version 2.4.4+ as soon as possible to avoid security threats and other risks to your site.

With Magento 2.3 becoming obsolete, your site will no longer receive updates. These updates include:

  • Security Patches
  • Quality Patches
  • PCI Compliance Changes

As these updates and patches reach the end of life, you will no longer have access to these updates. Therefore, your store(s) and customer data are at risk.

Support Unavailable

Support tickets for unsupported versions of Adobe/Magento are now invalid. Even when stores need help, support is limited, and with updates being removed, if you have Magento 2.3, you'll eventually need a third-party technical support company.

Restricted Marketplace Extensions

Any extensions that are exclusively compatible with unsupported versions are being removed. In time, the stores on Magento 2.3 will not be able to use extensions essential to running your store. You will also be unable to access any new extensions and features, causing limited capacity to operate your store efficiently.

No More Dev Docs

Developer documentation is also removed from the Adobe website for obsolete versions of Magento. As a result, developers will not be able to access developer docs, even when the issue is critical for troubleshooting or implementing new features in your store.

Avoid End of Life Related Issues

The Magento 2.3 end-of-life poses concerns for ecommerce merchants with the end of support, vulnerability to security threats, and PCI compliance issues. The best way to avoid these issues is to upgrade to Magento 2.4.4+ While you may stay on the 2.3 version, eventually, upgrading will be the only solution to keep your store up and running.


Adobe Commerce 2.4.4+ Benefits

Keep your online store's peak performance while protecting against threats and being out of compliance with PCI and other rules and regulations. The new version of Adobe Commerce, Magento 2.4.4+, provides users access to many new features and advancements. Some of these are:

  • 33 new security fixes
  • Hundreds of issues were resolved from the core code of Magento 2.3
  • Supports PHP 7+ versions
  • Code updates enhance API performance and admin response time to deploy large product catalogs
  • Payment gateway mechanism changes, including PayPal.
  • Enhanced logic to invalidate customer data sections
  • Search, sort, and filter photographs 30 times faster
  • The user interface was updated, and Adobe Stock automatically integrated
  • In-store pickup and bundle products support multi-store modes
  • Headless commerce & PWA development

 Upgrade Now

The time to upgrade your Magento 2.3x site is as soon as possible. Our project managers and account managers have already notified you of the need to upgrade, but if you haven’t started the process yet, reach out to Kensium so we can begin the upgrade process and get your site running on Adobe 2.4.4+. 



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