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Allparts - Support Case Study

Allparts Equipment and Accessories was established in 1988 and offers the industry's highest level of factory authorized servicing and repairs, as well as OEM and aftermarket parts replacement for a variety of sectors.

Generating substantial profits with Kensium’s support services

  • With the assistance of Kensium's Acumatica and Magento support services, Allparts has grown their business over the years.
  • Since working with Kensium, Allparts has doubled their revenues, while maintaining almost the same level of workforce over the years.
  • With the implementation of Acumatica, Allparts has improved their replenishment and fulfilment processes, while also having better control over cashflows.
  • Allparts has continued their investments in Adobe/Magento commerce platform by migrating from open source to Adobe Enterprise, and adding B2B functionality.
  • By integrating Magento connector to their Acumatica e-commerce site, Allparts has strengthened their customer trust with accurate availability, inventory management, accurate updates, and accelerated Allparts’ business growth.
  • Today, Allparts is renowned as the best on-time parts delivery distribution center across United States and Canada. Most of their parts orders are fulfilled within 24 hours.
Allparts has now built a solid reputation with their manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and retail customers who need parts and technical support.

Below we are showing Allparts overall and component specific revenue generated by incorporating Magento connector with Acumatica.



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