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Spotlight: Acumatica Cloud ERP Controlling Your Company's Financials

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Today we're focusing on easing the pain points for those feeling the heat of financial-sector inefficiencies, contradictions, and outright mishaps beating them down. So, CFOs, controllers, and financers are talking to you today.

Our top pick for a solution is Acumatica Cloud ERP.


Acumatica Cloud ERP enables you to track, analyze, budget, and plan from your daily financial data to quarterly and annual reports. Want customer-facing portals and options for preset and preloaded data from any screen and device? You've got it. How about analyzing aggregate sales and purchase history to create a complete – and actionable – picture of your customers? Easy. That's because Acumatica Cloud seamlessly manages accounting, inventory, CRM, and more all in one.


Revolutionizing The ERP + CRM And Creating An Audit Trail

Referential integrity and a seamless audit trail are considered foundational for any CFO or Controller in today's enterprise operations. The Financial Analysis and drill-through tools are necessary daily to support your internal reporting and audit needs and external requests for audit trails. Feature-rich ERP solutions like Acumatica provide these tools as part of the core solution. A few years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find a company spending more than a third of its finance department's time and resources analyzing data. It just wasn't feasible – reconciling data trails wasn't just time-consuming. The very fact of doing it with manpower was error-inducing.


Acumatica's automated process is a BI systems game-changer. There's nothing to reconcile because of the fluent module-to-module crosstalk inherent to its design. The code never sleeps. It's got your back when it comes to data crunching – so you can get back to accounting.

And with Acumatica, you've got direct access to those audit trails, all the aggregate data, and results anywhere any time. This is reporting that CFOs can trust when it comes to end-of-the-month confirmations. That won't just feel good. Errorless accounting makes you look good, too.

Intelligent And Intentional Systems Structure

What you're getting with Acumatica Cloud ERP is a full suite of financial modules and ledgers – each built into the core foundation of the system itself, including:

  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Statements
  • and CRM

Acumatica helps your finance department take complete management control of these components through how its Sales Order Process, Inventory Control Process, etc., interact with its AP and AR accordingly.


QuickBooks and other accounting solutions require teams to acquire inventory control systems or sales modules and manually input and track them into the base ERP system. This manual work causes the potential for duplicate entries and financial errors. Acumatica is every one of these facets pre-built into itself. No aftermarket modifications are needed.

Configure Everything

Regarding order types, go as complex or streamlined as suits your business needs. Set unique posting classes and rules established directly inside Acumatica so that your end-users and the sub-modules (sales orders, inventory) aren't required to serve as "Jr. Accountants."

The direct benefit? The freedom to take your finance team out of having to touch every facet of the initial configuration. Suppose you set up a new inventory item, create a new customer record, or add a new vendor to Accounts Payable from the get-go. In that case, you can apply the correct class or maintenance structure that your finance team would have first established, and you would not need to adjust it. These features are the welcome logical conclusion of "Set it and forget it."

In other ERPs, Finance is either the one to set up new records – or tediously intercept and vet the latest records. What's more: within an implementation life-cycle, this claim is provable to finance teams and CFOs that Acumatica can execute these processes in a way that you can trust, which means no headaches or buyer's remorse down the line. It's there, happening in real-time during implementation, and that's a peace of mind you can see and believe.


Trust like that is indispensable.


X-Ray Accounting, Nowhere To Hide 

This is where Acumatica gets, well, super-powerful. If you're on a sales order that's completely shipped, invoiced, and posted to the ledger, you can click on the shipment, drill into the invoice, see every component, and even dig into the ledgers and see how it is posted to the GL. You have direct access to it all.

The result: streamlines in month-end reconciliations and your month-end close that can finally be as detailed as you've needed to confirm your numbers with a clean conscience. Get it all right the first time. Acumatica's interconnectedness means you have the power to get to the true and reportable core of your finances in one go.

Wide Open Potential With An Open API

The open API structure of Acumatica's codebase sets it apart from other systems. This gives finance teams quicker and more distinct connections to anything from third-party products to importing and exporting data. With some competing solutions, you don't even own your data, which makes it painful or complicated to get to. Acumatica has recognized the hypocrisy here ("You create the data, it's your data, but it's our data first."), and wants to change what's becoming a dangerous industry norm. Again, for them, it's all about trust, mutual respect, and creating a product that works for you. No-brainer, right?

Multiple Entity Management

Integrating financials across multiple business entities – including automated reporting, consolidation, payments, and cash management – is crucial. And if you need balance sheets kept independent and your tax reporting broken out, there are features built-in to Acumatica to manage just that.

With intercompany accounting and reconciliation out-of-the-box, you're managing every aspect of your business – even if you're looking at a matrix organization with multiple distinct entities, branches, and warehouses under one umbrella or roof. Acumatica is scalable to the nth degree, so even if you're not pulling at the belt now… there's always room to grow in this commercial economy. Invest in an ERP that doesn't cut you off before you finish.

Project Accounting Made Effective And Effortless

Project Accounting is where importing and exporting data and complex allocation structures can throw a lot of non-centralized ERPs.

  • Budgets, inventory, change orders: check.
  • Timesheets, billing, profitability: check twice.

Throw in reporting for individual business initiatives and company-wide financial reports, cover all these bases, and your accounting team is set up for success.

Suppose your accounting team has to micromanage, double- or triple-enter the data, cross-calculate mountains of spreadsheets, and spend valuable resources making sure it all ties out nicely in the end – then, well. In that case, they may still be set for success, but your business isn't. We can't stress this enough: stop tending the trees – start commanding the forest.

Acumatica eases these pains in three main ways.

First, · Centralization means you can simultaneously apply inventory costs and write purchase orders. It's all in one place. It's all simultaneous, instantaneous, and never extraneous.

Second, · Complex allocation capabilities – like the power to allocate fringe, overhead, and G&A in the cloud, let you forecast to the account level. And because the code is built from the ground up with automation in mind, you can run massive queries in a fraction of the time. This is big data, fast.

  • Client-configurable portals and the most in-depth collection of online resources available of any Cloud ERP in its class.

Build Trust, Scale On Your Terms, Enable Excellence 

Work to streamline, maximize efficiency, and do it with as few errors as possible. Discover how refreshing trust in a CRM can be. Acumatica's built-in automation features and workflow organizers do precisely that.

No Bottlenecks

We've already touched on the fact that Acumatica is built on an underlying branch infrastructure. This means a philosophy of scalability is in its DNA. For example, you could have one warehouse and one storefront today – and acquire more sales opportunities or storefronts the next month. Acumatica will allow you to simply layer-in branches, build-out, and scale with you.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is integrated on a server-sized licensing basis – not how many people you employ. That's gigantic news for companies currently becoming, or looking to become, well, gigantic. With other ERPs and SSL agreements, adding even just one more licensee can cost around $45,000. Minimum. Not only are other ERP models needlessly expensive, but the models used by other ERPs explicitly also discourage your company from growing.

Get total access to the modules you need. Then, hire the whole town (who'll have as much or as little access as they need).

No Borders For Your Business

Acumatica lets you reach markets both domestically and abroad like never before. Actuate cloud-based multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-company capabilities – all paired with localized functionality that makes everywhere feel like home.

Legacy Data Migration

Migrate historical data from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable from a legacy system to Acumatica ERP smoothly and efficiently. This means getting open balances, original amounts, and dates exactly where they need to be – without affecting your general ledger.

Acumatica Addresses Your Current Platform's Core Problems

With other ERPs, if you want CRM implementation, you will have to either fork over the cash – or be stuck with a system that looks like a summer camp art project, glued together and lacking any useful intention. There's no promise that what's holding together now will be up to the tasks at hand months down the line – leaky holes have a way of becoming burst pipes. When our developers show up on the scene, the actual structure of a company's eCommerce operation looks like it was furiously cobbled together, not built.

Harness The Power Of Your Business Growth

Acumatica calls the holistic control of your business and your customers – what you get from all of these modules inter-communicating seamlessly and in real-time – the "single version of the truth." That's one of the most critical things about Acumatica Cloud ERP. There's no back-tracking, cross-referencing, or tedious (read: error-inducing) cross-correction. Instead, there's just one story: your data, facts, and truth. And in the eCommerce industry, connected back-end truth can be incredibly empowering.

Imagine what you can do with the total picture.

This is how Acumatica Cloud ERP empowers your financial and accounting capacities. Contact us today, and let's chat about how Kensium provides a complete solution for your business with Acumatica ERP. 


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