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Navigating the New Adobe Commerce Lifecycle Policy with Kensium's Support

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Adobe Commerce has recently implemented a new lifecycle policy, aiming to address the challenges associated with frequent upgrades and high maintenance costs. This strategic change will have a significant impact on how businesses manage their Adobe Commerce platforms. At Kensium, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with these policy changes and are ready to assist businesses in adapting to the new Adobe Commerce lifecycle.

Understanding the New Adobe Commerce Lifecycle Policy: 

Under the new policy, Adobe Commerce will release only one minor version per year and provide support for each version for a duration of three years from its release date. This change applies to versions starting from 2.4.4 onwards. Let's explore the key details:

1.    Maintenance and Support: 

Adobe Commerce will deliver quarterly patches for security and functional updates via the Quality Patch Tool. These patches will address critical issues and ensure the ongoing performance of your Adobe Commerce platform. Adobe also commits to supporting associated PHP versions, even if they are no longer officially maintained by PHP. However, specific details regarding PHP patch deliveries for Adobe Commerce On-Premises customers are yet to be disclosed.

2.    Minor Versions and Major Features: 

Minor versions of Adobe Commerce will include functional and security fixes, performance improvements, and minor new features. Major features, on the other hand, will be delivered through official plugins and SaaS components. Adobe plans to offer a beta version for approximately six months, allowing third-party publishers to adapt their modules before the official release.

Benefits for E-Merchants: 

The new Adobe Commerce lifecycle policy brings several advantages for e-merchants. With upgrades required less frequently, businesses can now perform them once every three years. Upgrades can be prompted either by the end of support or the need to leverage performance enhancements. This approach provides more stability and allows businesses to plan their upgrades effectively. It's important to note that the three most recent versions will be supported for their respective three-year periods.


Release End of Software Support Dependent PHP Support
Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 April 24, 2025 PHP 8.1
Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 August 9, 2025 PHP 8.1
Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 March 14, 2026 PHP 8.1 and PHP 8.2



How Kensium Can Help: 

Kensium is committed to providing comprehensive support to businesses navigating the new Adobe Commerce lifecycle policy. Our services include:

1.    Guidance and Consultation: 

We assist businesses in understanding the policy changes, evaluating their impact on your specific environment, and planning for necessary upgrades. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition.

2.    Upgrade Planning and Execution: 

We help you analyze the compatibility of existing components with the new Adobe Commerce versions and execute the necessary upgrades. Our team ensures that your platform remains up-to-date and benefits from the latest features and security enhancements.

3.    Migration Support: 

If migration to a new Adobe Commerce version is required, Kensium offers migration support to ensure a seamless transition. Our experienced professionals will handle the migration process efficiently, minimizing any disruptions to your business operations.

4.    Ongoing Maintenance and Support: 

Kensium provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure compliance with the updated policy. This includes regular updates, patches, and technical assistance to keep your Adobe Commerce platform running smoothly and securely.



The new Adobe Commerce lifecycle policy introduces a more streamlined approach to upgrades and support. By partnering with Kensium, businesses can confidently navigate these changes and ensure a seamless transition. We offer comprehensive support, from understanding the policy to executing upgrades and providing ongoing maintenance. Depend on Kensium to help you embrace the new Adobe Commerce lifecycle policy and keep your business at the forefront of e-commerce innovation.


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