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Kensium Plans For 2022

Plans for 2022

2021 was an extraordinary and challenging year for everyone, and Kensium was no different. With a considerable portion of our beloved staff residing in India, we, as a company, shared a very different experience. It’s difficult to explain how devastating the India spike that began in March and carried through until June was but maybe simple is better. In this window, we lost staff to the virus, and nearly everyone in India lost someone close to them, whether that was a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. The impact of such pervasive loss is impossible to explain and, even for our North American staff, is challenging to relate to, try as we might genuinely.

In the wake of challenge and tragedy comes opportunity and gain. Kensium took full advantage of that. Building off a new project management solution launched at the beginning of 2021 and leveraging the tight bonds built through fighting extreme diversity, Kensium came into Q3 like an embattled prizefighter who says, “Now it’s my turn.” Q3 saw Kensium revisit its growth plans and have the most successful quarter in its history, from almost any measure. Q4 was more of the same, setting company records for project closures, customer satisfaction, and closing the quarter by shattering the global record for most Acumatica deals completed by a VAR in a quarter. The year may have started rough, but Kensium was swinging knock-out punches and dancing as we ended.

We carry this momentum into 2022. We plan to harness this progress and use it as fuel to continue Kensium’s rise into the new year and beyond. 2021 also taught us some valuable lessons we are taking forward. We are making a conscious effort to grow hand in hand with our clients and partners. We are asking for more feedback on what we can do to improve. We are more openly and publicly thanking those who have helped us, for we are never alone. We are working hard to improve Kensium and the Kensium experience to expand the Kensium family more thoroughly, including our clients and partners. It’s just as essential to improving our product and our services to develop them to new clients and partners for one without the other is empty. Kensium has some lofty goals for 2022, but we are confident that by working together, every one of them will not just be achieved but exceeded.

We Want To Hear From You

Kensium is dedicating 2022 to building on the strong relationships we’ve created with our partners and our customers. We want to hear from you and learn what your takeaways were from 2021 and what you need moving into 2022. Contact us and let us know what we can do to help you experience growth in 2022.

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