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Kensium and Acumatica - A Winning Combo For Avante Health Solutions

Avante health solutions logo and statement of purpose

About Avante Health Solutions

With over 35 years of experience, Avante Health Solutions is an industry-leading medical equipment, service, repair, and ongoing technical support provider. While they are a single-source service for their customers, there are seven different businesses under the umbrella of Avante. Each branch serves a specific set of medical verticals, including:

  • Animal Health
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • International
  • Medical-Surgical
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Rentals
  • Ultrasound

Because of the vast number of services and products available, Avante needed a single system to replace the ones they had before partnering with Kensium.

The Challenge

Avante Health Solutions was formed through a series of mergers and acquisitions. Because each division of Avante was previously a separate company, each division continued to utilize its old processes. From customer service to inventory, these processes differed across Avante and impacted their efficiency and effectiveness in serving their customers. They aimed to make their divisions and processes more cohesive to move healthcare forward as one unit – Avante.

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Our Solution

Avante had already determined that it needed to use Acumatica because of its robust library of pre-built modules and its flexibility to customize modules to meet their needs. Partnering with Kensium, the goal was to consolidate all branch systems into one cohesive solution so everyone could access the information needed and streamline the reporting and audit process.

There were six main areas of focus that Kensium identified that needed to be addressed for the project to be successful.

  1. Cross-training - Avante needed to learn Acumatica so we could successfully collaborate on this huge, complicated project. As a result, Avante invested considerably in its critical resources to learn the product by attending training and classes and working closely with Kensium to become Subject Matter Experts in their new ERP, Acumatica. In turn, Kensium spent huge amounts of time listening to Avante to learn about their businesses and their industry, how they worked, their challenges, how the competition worked, and what the industry needed.
  2. Data -  With more than a dozen different systems, they often serviced the same clients. Millions of records had to be cleaned, organized, and consolidated, which took a tremendous effort on everyone’s part.
  3. Migration - The first site migration was crucial as it set the template for all the other sites. By designing and completing the phase 1 Go-Live so that the process could be repeated successfully, it was possible to migrate the second and subsequent companies with less and less effort, and Avante’s staff could handle more of the work.
  4. Testing - The template from the first go-live enabled a detailed knowledge transfer to the Avante team. This was not just critical to speeding up the migration and establishing Avante’s independence but also ensured that if there were new companies brought on board, they could be merged into the Avante infrastructure quickly and effectively.
  5. Reporting -  Kensium needed to build customized, comprehensive reports for Avante that reached across all the branches to provide a single pane of glass for management and departments that worked with and serviced multiple branches. This 360-degree view led to increased efficiencies and capabilities across the company.
  6. Consolidated Systems - Kensium helped consolidate all Avante Health Services systems to create successfully shared service models so that Accounts Receivable, Services, Sales, and other shared departments could successfully service all the company branches simultaneously. 

Image showing how all divisions of Avante are now in Acumatica

These six focus areas formed the solution's foundation and approach to Kensium with the project.

The Results

Since implementing Acumatica, Avante Health Solutions has experienced incredible results. Their new employee onboarding process has been reduced by approximately 50%. What used to take a month or two now takes weeks for new employees to start working independently. In addition to reducing onboarding time, the audit process has improved and now takes 75% less time to collect information and gather data to perform a more accurate audit.

Results from implementing Acumatica

One of the most impressive results for Avante Health Solutions is an 80% reduction in servicing time using the Acumatica Customer Contract module. All these things have been made possible by Avante’s extensive use of the Acumatica platform, with over 80% of their staff having a license for the product and accessing it regularly.

“We partnered with Kensium because they had the expertise and ability to meet our complex needs. In addition, their team proved to have the capacity needed for us to execute on an accelerated timeline successfully. We appreciate the urgency shown each time we reach out to Kensium for assistance since we launched.

- Stephen Goodbar, Avante Health Solutions

 Since the initial Go-Live, Avante has continued to leverage the platform with new, innovative solutions around Project Accounting, Field Services, Rental Processing, and Commission Processing. What is more, the innovations don’t stop. Avante is using Acumatica as a platform to grow the business and innovate in the healthcare industry with big plans for the coming years.

These improvements have reduced the need for additional resources and eliminated time-consuming, mundane tasks and complicated information gathering. To further improve communication and collaboration, Avante Health Solutions uses big-screen TVs in each branch with custom dashboards to show real-time data and provide transparency across all teams. This method of company-wide communication is the most extensive use of Acumatica Dashboards that Kensium has delivered to date.

Why Kensium

Acumatica was the right system to manage their business due to its robust APIs, ease of customization, and flexibility to connect disparate operations seamlessly. To fully integrate all business functions into a single system, Kensium implemented the following Acumatica modules to help Avante manage its rapid growth and varied business processes.

Image showing the numerous Acumatica modules used for this project

Are you struggling to manage your business with multiple systems that aren't connected? Find out how Kensium helps businesses of any size and in any industry create a centralized single source of truth for all your operational needs. Contact us today to talk with one of our Customer Success team members.

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