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Increase Business Growth With Acumatica ERP And Adobe Commerce Website

Increase Business Growth With Acumatica ERP And Adobe Commerce Website

Acumatica Commerce Edition is a centralized, cloud-based, data-driven ERP with enhanced features and performance tailored to B2B and B2C market players. In addition, it’s an integration of your Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) storefront with your financials, warehouse, and distribution channels for complete visibility and control over order acceptance and fulfillment. In short, it’s everything you’d get from pairing up with Acumatica’s Cloud ERP – plus, it’s bundled with industry-specific tools geared to elevate your eCommerce business to its fullest potential.

That’s the difference for manufacturers regarding Acumatica integration – especially when you consider small-to-mid-sized companies looking to grow and expand as much as they can (which, yeah, should pretty much be every one of them).

Most eCommerce back-office systems on the market charge licensing fees for every employee using the software. These fees de-incentivize growth and stifle your ability to add new users immediately to your system. Instead, the software you work with should be one of the most profit-driving components of your eCommerce business.

So what should you expect when you move to the complete package?

Connect Magento to an ERP, or get out of the game

We know it sounds a little harsh, but seriously: if your Adobe Commerce storefront is not connected to an ERP like Acumatica, you’re not just benching yourself from the big game – you’re sitting in the parking lot outside the stadium, rocking back and forth in your Prius until the final whistle blows.

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Think about it. If you wanted to make an omelet, it’d be pretty unintuitive if you kept the eggs in the fridge, the spatula in the garage, the cheese in your mailbox, and drove the stove to work each day – that’s why we have kitchens. That last one didn’t even make sense. However, it’s still more likely that you’d be able to find Kenmore-on-wheels than survive in this industry without a solid, centralized solution to manage the interworking parts of your eCommerce operation.

So, now that that’s straight – let’s look at how Acumatica Commerce gets you back in the game and cooking with jet fuel.

Optimized Inventory Management

One of the first things Acumatica Commerce Edition does for your bottom line is cut down on unnecessary processes and input on your back end. That right there – saving you time and reducing error through automatic systems synchronization and cross-communication – should be enough to warrant the investment.

Acumatica Cloud ERP (the foundation of Acumatica Commerce Edition) maximizes your capital by preventing stock-outs and overstock situations and optimizing stock levels by automating your replenishment. Also, you can automate purchasing, receiving, and returns with its built-in workflow UX that pulls data from real-time inventory counts that span every facet, function, and factory warehouse to your eCommerce business.

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Streamlined Fulfilment and the Omnichannel Experience

Reduce shipping and packing errors with automated barcodes, label printing, and pick tickets. You’ll notice that error removal is a recurring theme. While automation and machine learning haven’t progressed yet to match human creativity or personability, they’re excellent for handling rote and menial tasks.

Supported integration for UPS, WorldShip, and FedEx Ship stations is part of Acumatica commerce right out of the box, so you ensure no customer is left behind. Serve your audience with single-stream fulfillment tools for your online, counter, catalog, and even telemarketing sales.

Data-Driven Customer Service

Acumatica puts the power of actionable data back in your hands, right at your fingertips, so that you can predict, assess, and act according to your customers’ needs. Using aggregate industry data predictively enables you to deliver the experiences your customers didn’t even know they wanted. In addition, automation tools built-in make personalizing your customers’ experiences as easy as clicking and picking.

These tools make returns and exchanges so simple you’ll hope your customers order the wrong size shirt. Okay, maybe not – but when it does happen, you can track process returns and exchanges through embedded management tools, taking out every ounce of a hassle for everyone involved. On the back end, automated return authorization facilitations and the ability to log, store, and react according to reasons for returns are a breath of fresh air.

Centralized Customer and Vendor Payments

Integrate your accounting with seamlessly generated custom reports and invoices right when you need them – or automate the process for when you will. And because everything’s always in one place – and stored in the cloud – there’s no chance for the mix-up, crossed wires, or data loss.

Adobe Commerce + Acumatica Cloud ERP

Connect your front-end and back-office and articulate seamless synchronization between Acumatica and Adobe Commerce. Acumatica Commerce Edition, integrated with Adobe Commerce offers a fully configurable sync direction and schedule. Additionally, when Acumatica Commerce runs alongside Adobe Commerce:

  • Automates data sync.
  • Eliminates redundant data and duplicate entries.
  • Allows users to pull data from multiple sources.

When information is entered into one platform (Magento or Acumatica ERP), the two-way sync automatically populates fields in both systems, eliminating the need for duplicate entries.

Kensium: Your Implementation Partner

Kensium has extensive knowledge of Adobe Commerce and Acumatica ERP. This means we can help you design a frontend site and connect it to Acumatica, creating a seamless integration to help your business grow on your terms. Eliminate mundane manual entry, accounting mistakes, and costly user licensing. Contact us today and learn how Kensium can help revolutionize the way you do business and increase your profits.


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