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Danforth Pewter Continues To Connect To Their Customers

Like the rest of the world, the artisan metalworking and jewelry company Danforth Pewter was hit hard and unexpectedly by the outbreak of COVID-19. By March 17th, they had to close their retail locations to the public. However, that was not quite enough to stop Danforth Pewter from continuing to create handcrafted jewelry, gifts, ornaments, and fixtures. 

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Taking advice from the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, they created “rosters” for their master metalworkers at their Middlebury, VT workshop. As a result, their employees alternate between metalworking shifts and surface sanitization. By taking the appropriate precautions, Danforth Pewter has been able to stay open for business and serve its customers through the Danforth online shop.

Danforth offers gifts for every occasion

This year's ornament was titled "All is Calm", representing the message of peace, love, and unity. Although the design idea was generated before the outbreak, its message is more relevant than ever to our current national crisis. 

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Copeland explained that the entwined doves represent supporting and loving each other, even if it is from far away. “It’s a tough time for everyone,” Copeland admitted on Facebook Live but advised people to find ways to cheer up their friends and family from a safe distance. As is often the case with Danforth products, the meaning behind the object is what Copeland wanted customers to appreciate. Copeland's sentiment for the ornament is echoed throughout the company’s team of master metalworkers, who take great pride in their work.

Despite the recent hardships, Danforth Pewter’s priority continues to be creating high-quality pewter products that feel significant to their customers. In addition to ornaments, their product line includes jewelry, lighting fixtures, pewter kitchenware, keyrings, baby toys, and much more. Danforth’s website is organized to help you out if you're bad at gift-giving, separating their gifts into categories defined by situations. Need to cheer someone up? Their Inspirational Gifts section is filled with friendship bracelets, personalized photo stands, and pocket charms engraved with positive statements. Want to impress your boss? Scroll to Corporate Gifts and grab them a fancy letter opener or engraved paperweight.


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