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Celebrating Women’s Day: A Call for Continuous Recognition and Equality in the Workplace


As co-founder of this company, I wear many hats. But today, on International Women's Day, I choose to wear one emblazoned with immense respect and gratitude – appreciation for the phenomenal women who make up a significant portion of our workforce. As we observe International Women’s Day, it’s crucial to remember that the quest for gender equality and the celebration of women’s achievements should extend beyond just one day. This day serves as a powerful reminder of the strides we’ve made and the distance we still have to travel in achieving true equality. 

Inclusivity Every Day

The notion that Women’s Day should not be confined to a single date on the calendar is gaining traction. It’s a day to reflect on progress, call for change, and celebrate acts of courage by ordinary women who have played extraordinary roles in their countries and communities. However, the spirit of this day should be integrated into our daily lives, advocating for gender equality every day. 

When discussing equal rights for employees, it’s essential to recognize that while gender equality is paramount, it’s not the only factor. True equality means providing all employees with the same opportunities and support, regardless of gender. However, acknowledging that each gender may have different needs and requirements is also vital. 

Supporting different requirements for each gender doesn’t mean unequal treatment; it means recognizing and accommodating the unique challenges that individuals may face. For example, providing adequate facilities for women in the workplace, such as clean and safe restrooms, can make a significant difference in their work life. Similarly, maternity leave and flexible working hours for new mothers are examples of gender-specific support that can help maintain a balanced and fair workplace. Similarly, paternity leave encourages shared responsibility between genders. Workplaces should strive to create an environment where such differences are supported, ensuring that everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive professionally and personally. 

Moreover, initiatives like mentorship programs, leadership training, and career development workshops can help women advance in their careers, especially in fields where they are underrepresented. These efforts contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workplace, which benefits everyone. 

Kensium Women's Network, Diversity, Growth

At Kensium, women play a key role; they are architects of our success. From spearheading crucial projects to fostering a collaborative environment, their diverse perspectives, unwavering dedication, and leadership skills are instrumental in driving innovation and growth. We are committed to this ongoing journey, empowering, and supporting our women team members by fostering a culture of inclusivity, eliminating unconscious bias, and providing equal opportunities for professional development. Here are some ways we are actively working towards empowering our female workforce: 

  • Mentorship programs: Connecting experienced women with younger colleagues to provide guidance and support. 
  • Leadership development workshops: Equipping team members with the skills and confidence to take on leadership roles. 
  • Flexible work arrangements: Recognizing the diverse needs of our employees and offering flexible schedules to facilitate a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Transparency in promotions and salary reviews: Ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for advancement and compensation. 

International Women's Day may be just one day, but the message it carries is timeless: we are stronger together, and the advancement of women is not just a women's issue, it is a societal imperative. Let us continue to celebrate the achievements of our women, empower them to reach new heights, and build a future where their voices and contributions are valued and celebrated every day. 


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