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BigCommerce Unveils Powerful Features for B2B Edition. How can Kensium Help you Leverage Them?

BigCommerce B2B Edition


BigCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform, has recently announced exciting new features and functionalities for its B2B Edition. These enhancements aim to elevate the customer experience and drive online sales for merchants operating in the B2B space. As your trusted partner, Kensium is well-equipped to assist you in harnessing the power of BigCommerce's B2B Edition. With our expertise, we can seamlessly set up and customize the platform to meet your unique B2B requirements, ensuring advanced functionality and a user-friendly storefront.


Seamless Implementation of BigCommerce's B2B Edition with Kensium:

When it comes to implementing BigCommerce's B2B Edition, Kensium stands as your reliable partner. Our team of professionals possesses the technical know-how and experience necessary to set up and customize the platform according to your specific B2B demands. Here's how Kensium can assist you:

1.    Configuring Pricing Rules and Managing Customer Groups:

We understand that B2B pricing structures can be complex. Kensium can help you configure pricing rules that align with your business model and cater to the unique needs of your customer groups. With our expertise, you can ensure accurate and personalized pricing for your B2B clients.

2.    Seamless Integration with ERP Systems:

Integrating your B2B operations with your ERP system is essential for efficient order management, inventory synchronization, and streamlined business processes. Kensium specializes in integrating BigCommerce's B2B Edition with various ERP systems, ensuring seamless data flow and eliminating manual data entry.

3.    Responsive Design and Mobile Optimization:

In today's mobile-driven world, providing a seamless mobile experience is crucial. Kensium prioritizes responsive design and mobile optimization, ensuring that your B2B storefront is user-friendly and adapts flawlessly to any device. This mobile optimization enables your B2B buyers to access and navigate your platform effortlessly for self-service convenience.

4.    Enhanced Security Measures:

As security is paramount in B2B transactions, Kensium incorporates robust security measures to safeguard your customers' sensitive data. We implement industry-leading security protocols and encryption standards, giving you and your buyers peace of mind throughout the purchasing process.

5.    Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

At Kensium, our commitment to your success extends beyond the implementation phase. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring that your BigCommerce B2B Edition runs smoothly and any issues are promptly addressed. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you whenever you need it.


Unleashing the Power of BigCommerce's B2B Edition:

Now, let's explore some of the exciting new features that BigCommerce's B2B Edition offers:

1.    Multi-Storefront Capabilities:

Merchants can activate B2B Edition features across multiple storefronts, enabling company account management, shared shopping lists, quoting, and invoice portal functionality. This integration reduces operating costs while streamlining customer management, product handling, order fulfillment, and retail analytics.

2.    Streamlined Operations with the B2B Buyer Portal:

The new B2B buyer portal empowers merchants to streamline operations by providing a comprehensive view of past company orders. It enables easy reordering based on previous items, quotes, lists, and orders. Additionally, the quick order pad feature allows buyers to enter SKU numbers or upload bulk orders, facilitating fast and efficient purchasing.

3.    Modernized Buyer Portal Administration:

Merchants can effortlessly manage administrative activities that involve the buyer-merchant relationship. This includes handling address books, user logins, and approval workflows, enhancing efficiency and control.

4.    Headless Functionality and Customization:

BigCommerce's B2B Edition offers headless functionality, allowing seamless integration with various setups and existing HTML themes or CMS platforms. With Kensium's assistance, you can customize the buyer experience, leveraging APIs and integrating with any headless framework and back-office systems. This flexibility ensures that your B2B platform aligns perfectly with your brand and market requirements.


BigCommerce's latest features for the B2B Edition unlock immense potential for businesses operating in the B2B space. By partnering with Kensium, you can fully leverage these enhancements and create a seamless and efficient B2B buying experience. Our expertise in implementing and customizing BigCommerce's B2B Edition, coupled with ongoing support and maintenance, ensures that your B2B platform performs optimally and meets the unique demands of your business. Contact Kensium today to embark on a successful B2B journey with BigCommerce's feature-rich B2B Edition.


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