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BigCommerce Launches #BigHackathon And Kensium Rises To The Challenge

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What Is #BigHackathon

On August 15, 2022, BigCommerce kicked off its first-ever #BigHackathon. To encourage participation from BigCommerce developers worldwide, the event was entirely virtual. This global hackathon provided intentionally vague instructions to participants. The goal was to allow developers to explore every avenue of innovation to solve real-world problems experienced by both developers and customers.


Why Was #BigHackathon Created?

BigCommerce is always innovating and expanding its product and service offerings. Hosting a hackathon was a natural solution to bringing new and fresh ideas. During this event, BigCommerce Partner Developers either create teams or work independently to architect these solutions. In this inaugural year of the #BigHackathon, 47 developer teams/individuals participated. BigCommerce expects that number to grow as the event is continued every year.

Top 3: Winners and Prizes

The top 3 winning projects were awarded prizes: first place received $3,000 USD, second place $2,000 USD, and third place $1000 USD. All contestants had access to a private Discord server for collaboration, discussion, and brainstorming. To consolidate all entries into a central location, BigCommerce used a Git Repository to allow teams to create, track work, and view iterations.

Kensium’s Stranger Pings and Not Quite TopGun

Kensium was represented by two teams in the #BigHackathon. Both teams were comprised of certified BigCommerce developers. In addition, each team was led by technical team members to create projects that would both elevate customer experience and enhance BigCommerce features. The needs of current and future customers were considered to architect these solutions.

Here’s a quick look at the Kensians who participated in this competition.


Not Quite TopGun Takes Third Place

Competing against 47 other submissions, our team, Not Quite TopGun, chose to create an app for advanced checkout rules. While the project is unavailable to the public, keep an eye out! It will be added to the BigCommerce App Marketplace in the future.

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The focus of the Hackathon is to build solutions to real problems that BigCommerce customers and/or developers face. Teams created issues faced as a developer, created an app that should exist but doesn’t yet, or a widget that everyone will love.

Kensium Developers Go The Extra Mile

No matter your industry, Kensium has exceptional developers and implementation specialists to customize your BigCommerce site to your business. We are a BigCommerce Elite Partner and a Certified BigCommerce Partner. Kensium’s dedication to our customers and creating custom widgets, apps, and third-party integration sets us apart from our competitors. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Kensium is ready to help. Schedule a call today and find out how we can help you achieve growth and increased revenue.

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