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BigCommerce Announces Multi-Storefront Feature

BigCommerce Announces Multi-Storefront Feature

Big news! BigCommerce just announced that they are rolling out a new feature, multi-Storefront, for enterprise ecommerce stores. As one of the most requested features, BigCommerce is helping partners update apps and technologies to help roll out the multi-storefront and make sure it's ready to go at release.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

A multi-storefront platform allows ecommerce merchants to create and manage multiple storefronts, offering stores and products to unique customer segments. Creating sites for numerous markets and customers creates a more tailored experience for your customers, builds better engagement, and provides a customized customer journey to increase sales. Some of the benefits of multi-storefront platforms are:



Now that you know the power of a multi-storefront platform, let's look at the business applications that help you grow your business and provide products to multiple customers in multiple locations.

Run Multiple Sites And Brands

Enterprise-level companies can use a multi-storefront platform to offer unique shopping experiences while handling multiple brands and still providing centralized services for their customers.

Niche Commerce Websites

Create categories, event, and promotion-specific customer segmentation websites and optimize search and content to increase conversions and sales.

Multiple Business Model Management

Multi-storefront platforms allow you to integrate multiple business models. Create ecommerce websites tailored to B2B, B2C, and even B2B2C businesses all from one ecommerce platform.

White Label Websites

If you're a manufacturer or distributor, you can provide a personalized experience with white-label websites for stores that sell your products.

Multiple Marketplace Capability

In today's ecommerce world, many enterprise-size businesses understand the benefits of selling on multiple marketplaces. Multi-storefront platforms allow you to set up regional ecommerce stores to offer a local experience for global shoppers.

Kensium Is Ready To Help

As a trusted BigCommerce Enterprise partner, Kensium is ready for this release. We understand that ecommerce businesses need to expand and provide products to specific customer segments, which makes this release exciting for us to announce. If you have a BigCommerce site or want to transition to one, we can implement the Multi-Storefront platform and keep your business growing. Contact us today to learn more about the BigCommerce platform and how we can help.

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