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Acumatica Summit Takeaway

Acumatica Summit Takeaway

For the eighth year in a row, Kensium attended the Acumatica Summit, a premier event for partners, customers, and tech innovators. We spent five days in sunny Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel, learning about Acumatica's future, and industry-leading technologies and discussing new, innovative ways we can provide the services that our customers need to succeed. To say it was a success is an understatement.

Innovation, collaboration, and new technologies were the stars of the show. Acumatica's keynote addresses were full of energy, insight, and information on what makes them a leader in the ERP industry.


John Roskill, Acumatica CEO Keynote Speech


On day 1, John Roskill, Acumatica's CEO, delivered a keynote discussing why Acumatica does what they do, how they do it, and what drives them to succeed. Acumatica prides itself on listening to its customers and partners, investing in technology that pushes forward, and innovating to make customers' businesses future-proof. The connections they create in the commerce industry help them utilize the ecosystem approach to business. The customer is at the forefront of their minds and helps Acumatica innovate and challenge the status quo to bring new technologies for existing and new customers.

But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. For example, Green Bay Packaging, a third-generation family-owned business that provides packaging for multiple industries and verticals, moved from a 30-year-old legacy system to Acumatica ERP two years ago. Green Bay had two main initiatives for moving to Acumatica. One, they needed a centralized system that was easy for employees to use. Two, it needed to integrate into multiple systems and provide up-to-date information on all aspects of the packaging process.

Green Bay Packaging's Corporate Director of Accounting gave insight into how Acumatica met and exceeded both needs. As a result, green Bay integrated 100 different systems into Acumatica to help provide transparency to everyone in the company and offer insights for improving processes and end products. For example, Acumatica ERP allows Green Bay to drill down financial data from financial statements to the transaction data for each purchase. Having the information, they have the transparency and accountability necessary to meet customer needs and be agile when responding to issues. Looking into 2022, Green Bay Packaging is working to integrate additional sites into Acumatica and centralize them under one ERP solution. The successes that Green Bay Packaging experienced with Acumatica won them the coveted Customer of the Year award.


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Acumatica Announces New Tools For Business

In addition to showcasing a real-world example of the power of the Acumatica ERP, John announced five new, innovative tools for Release 1, 2022. These tools are designed to help businesses integrate even more tools to make Acumatica their single source of truth.

Content-Sensitive Auto-Complete

With machine-learning, Acumatica's auto-complete function tracks common words, customer names, and other information to provide the necessary information automatically. This technology helps decrease search and data input times and allows employees to focus on the customer rather than their system.

Industry Edition ERP Solutions

Every industry is different, and every company has its own unique needs and challenges. Acumatica ERP is looking ahead to create a more industry-specific ERP system with more out-of-the-box capabilities tailored to the business's needs. Acumatica is tackling the issues and bringing a solution to the following industries:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Retail and commerce

By focusing on industry-specific ERP solutions, Acumatica creates an ecosystem of ERP experts, company leaders, and partners to make a solution to meet the individual needs of each vertical in a way that helps future-proof their business and allows them to grow in their industry.

Acumatica Document Cloud

Acumatica has been working with Adobe to create a tool inside the ERP system to generate PDF files automatically and allow the function to create, edit, print, and sign PDF files. This innovation cuts down on one more system customers use outside of Acumatica, which can cost valuable time and effort.


Autodesk is made for the Acumatica Construction Cloud vertical. It combines the power of 3D renderings of a building and the ability to manage the project from the transaction level through to project completion. This innovative tool helps construction companies visualize projects and proactively address issues before they arise, helping keep projects on track and within budget.

Acumatica Flex & Always Current

Acumatica prides itself on providing flexibility for updates and added integrations. With Acumatica Flex, customers have even more flexibility for updates and security patches. Acumatica Flex allows updates to be optional and partner-managed, upgrades completed within 0-18 months, and a free 90-day sandbox to troubleshoot before the upgrade. It also provides the flexibility for any customizations and ISV solutions necessary to keep businesses running even through updates and upgrades.

The Always Current program allows the Acumatica system to be always up to date, and security patches are updated regularly. Acumatica-managed upgrades are completed within 0-4 months. In addition, a free 90-day sandbox allows customers to test new updates and upgrades to ensure their system will function after the updates are completed. With Always Current, customizations are low to no code installations, and ISV solutions are always current.

What’s Coming For 2022

Acumatica continues to innovate and come up with new industry solutions. Coming in R1 2022, Acumatica announced the following technologies:

  • Global Markets – Acumatica extends its reach to the global market by offering additional languages, multi-country operations, and Canadian payroll installations.
  • Industry editions – Customized Acumatica setups for specific industries
  • Mobile enhancements
  • Workflow engine – Allowing customers to customize and tailor the Acumatica ERP to meet their needs without knowing any code
  • New Dashboards – Set objectives, monitor performance, and more. Additional dashboards will be released with functionality out of the box for manufacturing.
  • Industry-Specific Editions 
    • The Construction Edition allows companies to expand job locations, serve new areas, and manage tax and compliance regulations by location.
    • The Distribution Edition provides an end-to-end solution to automate and manage the supply chain process. This edition helps set up delivery, scheduling, pricing, split orders, and multi-location order and delivery.
    • The Retail/Commerce Edition helps retail and commerce businesses be more agile. It allows them to acquire new customers through creative marketing efforts and operate using a commerce-enabled ERP tailored to the specific needs of retail and commerce businesses.



That’s A Wrap!

The 2022 Acumatica Summit pushed the boundaries of modern Cloud ERP systems and brought the unique ability of Acumatica to customize and tailor solutions by vertical. Working with partners like Kensium, Acumatica continues to push the envelope on business agility and technical prowess and provide industry-leading innovation to customers all over the globe. If you missed this premier event, you could watch the live playback on the Acumatica Summit 2022 website. While it won't be as exciting as Las Vegas, you'll still feel the energy and excitement about how Acumatica is changing the ERP landscape daily.

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