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Acumatica Provides New Functionality With 2022 R2 Release

Acumatica R2 2022

On September 15th, 2022, Acumatica released its second biannual product update, 2022 R2. The release contains new functionality to help you manage your business and use new tools.

With this update, 2021 R1 becomes obsolete and will no longer be supported. Upgrade as soon as possible to avoid interruptions in your Acumatica ERP functions.

Let’s look at the new features and functions in the 2022 R2 release:

Work Forward With Exceptional Usability

Acumatica Cloud ERP has a modern, award-winning user interface. The ease of navigation and flexible workflows maximize adoption and simplify onboarding for new users. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and provides three tiers of tailoring, and the mobile app allows you to work on the go. You can access your business data in real-time from any device.

Usability Feature Benefits

  • Streamlined, accelerated workflows with automated mobile signature capture: electronic signatures are automatically attached to the corresponding sales orders and invoices.
  • An enhanced mobile experience mirrors the user’s Acumatica workspace and is customized to the user's needs by hiding widgets, configuring screens, rearranging items, and more.
  • Instant access to wiki help files by hovering over fields with intelligent tooltips, eliminating the need to open the help menu in a separate window/tab.

Technology Feature Benefits

  • Flexible software integrations at scale with enhancements to high-performing, contract-based REST APIs.

Geographical Updates

Small and mid-sized businesses compete for market share against larger companies with more financial muscle. As a result, they must take every opportunity to target new geographic markets and segments to compete. This release helps businesses go beyond local business opportunities and boundaries with robust localization, integration, and financial management capabilities.

Localization & Integration Feature Benefits

  • Streamlined payment processing enables customers to pay anywhere, anytime, through POS terminals or the Acumatica Self-Service Portal on mobile devices and PCs. 
  • **Painless tax calculations and enhanced global business – Acumatica automatically assigns tax zones to new sales orders and invoices based on country, state, and zip code

** Implemented as a customization

Financial Feature Benefits

  • Automated GL approval processes with a flexible approval engine to create rules for approving entries and assigning users authorized for approval.
  • Expedite the collection process by sending personalized dunning letters with attachments and fees. Letters can be sent individually or in groups.
  • Streamlined bank feed transfers with automatically imported bank feed.

CRM Feature Benefits

  • Simplified data entry through powerful extensions to existing copy/paste functions with the option to modify opportunities and quotes in business accounts.
  • Streamlined sales and fulfillment processes and increased transparency by automatically linking sales orders and quotes to opportunities without manual intervention.
  • Time savings and transparency with predefined side panels automatically display customer data for the business account, opportunity, case, or contact.

Micro-Vertical Markets

Acumatica understands that you must surpass broad vertical needs and scenarios to truly delight customers and deliver focused capability at the micro-vertical level. Acumatica’s industry-centered solutions offer features aligned with specific micro-vertical markets, requirements, and unique business processes. Sharpen your GTM strategy and target specific market segments within micro-verticals.

Distributor, Retailer, and Commerce Merchant Feature Benefits

  • Identify inefficiencies and drive profitability and growth by defining cost centers in inventory to improve inbound, storage, and outbound material handling.
  • Enhanced inventory management and warehouse operations converting non-stock items to stock items and vice versa.
  • Create role-based dashboards for sales managers, warehouse managers, purchasing managers, shipping clerks, and receiving clerks.
  • One-stop parcel shipping decisions and input box dimensions improve customer service and reduce cost with embedded integrations that provide instant access to third-party shipping carriers.
  • Push offline orders to Shopify to track and manage omnichannel sales orders, streamlining repeat sales and activity reporting.

Manufacturer Feature Benefits

  • Shorten engineering cycles by creating or modifying multi-level bills of materials with drag and drop and copy/paste features within the Engineering Workbench.
  • Multi-job clock-in/out to improve shop floor data collection and job cost accuracy
  • Give users access to production, BOMs, items, inventory, projects, customers, engineering, and order details with manufacturing side panels, eliminating the need to leave data entry screens.
  • MRP for planned inbound and outbound transfer orders across warehouse locations to balance supply and demand.
  • Contractor and Service Organization Feature Benefits
  • Change orders for multiple construction projects with unit rate changes, custom retainage, and cost-only change requests.
  • Lower costs and increase efficiency by scheduling service technicians according to the skills required for each service task.
  • Scanned receipt image recognition simplifies service expense entries within the Acumatica mobile app.
  • Acumatica’s advanced computational logic performs profit margin and percentage calculations to improve the accuracy of profitability estimates.

Schedule Your Upgrade

Upgrading to the R2 2022 version to continue receiving support for your ERP is critical. R1 2021 will no longer be supported very soon. Schedule a call with Kensium to get your ERP upgraded.

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